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roberto blake

Creating for Creatives

Roberto Blake grew up continuously creative and curious. At 13, his grandmother bought his family their first real computer and he fell in love with the idea that anything was accessible. That idea has stayed with him throughout his life and career.

Workflows at Warp Speed

Meet Brad. He’s a designer who knows his way around Photoshop and Illustrator CC. Now see what happens to Brad’s workflow when he adds Capture and Comp CC to the mix. Let’s just say… time savings galore.

Good, Cheap, Fast: Pick Two.

Ever heard the phrase, “Good, cheap, fast – pick two?” Robert Blake smashes that notion with Comp CC.

Solve Common Design Challenges with Roberto Blake, Amtrak, and an iPad

Read how designer and marketer Roberto Blake puts Comp to the test during the process of creating assets for his brand.