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Tell It To Me Straight – Plain Language in UX

Ever been confused by an error message? Or unsure how to proceed with a dialogue box? You’re not alone. Communicating clearly in our interfaces and websites is crucial to creating a great user experience.

Four Ways to Make UI Design More Human

Technology has worked its way into every part of our lives. From our cars to our bodies, we are constantly connected to devices that aim to simplify and track everything we do. We not only want, but expect, technology that seamlessly adapts to the structure of our daily lives. At Collision Conference, the founder and principal designer at New Deal Design, Gadit Amit, shared how technology can shape a more personal future.

Why Ego is the Nemesis of Good Design (And What to Do About It)

There are tons of people out there who think they are brilliant designers despite never doing any professional design work. But that doesn’t stop them from having an opinion when it comes to design. How can you change your design process so your work isn’t torn apart at the presentation stage?

XD Essentials: Card-Based User Interfaces

Web and mobile apps are moving away from pages towards completely personalized experiences. These new experiences are built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content. The way this content is now being presented is in the form of cards, the new and trendy creative concept.

Designing the Voice Experience

Natural language technology just might be the next major paradigm shift to disrupt technology, but how will it affect UX design?

Sherlock Holmes and the Case for Collaborative Experience Design

Weiler recently gave a talk at FITC Toronto about his investigation into looking at “connected crime scenes” and what happens when the audience becomes part of the experience. The concept of this mass murder mystery party provides an interesting glimpse into how immersive experiences can drive innovation.