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Technology Previews and Creative Cloud’s Future Features

We’ve mentioned them a few times since releasing the 2015 version of Creative Cloud on Tuesday, and we’re pretty darn excited about them, so we want to make sure everyone knows what we’re talking about when we say “Technology Previews.” Let’s start with our definition: Technology Previews are services and features in Creative Cloud that we’re releasing publicly before they’re complete.

Definitely don’t call them betas

Not to be confused with “betas” (features or new products that are complete but not fully tested), Technology Previews* are intentionally “unfinished.” In other words, the features are fully tested and supported, but we’re still perfecting their capabilities; “previewing” the technology gives Creative Cloud members the opportunity to trial the functionality and give feedback to the product teams—who use the information to further shape the development of the features.

Why are we talking about Technology Previews now? Because the 2015 release of Creative Cloud has four of them and we think they’re pretty darn awesome:

Read on for a descriptions of the features, how-to info, and feedback links:


Character Animator

Animating 2D characters has never been so fun and easy. Character Animator brings Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC artwork to life with professional quality animation by tracking human movement, voice, and gestures captured by a webcam. So simple… Create a multi-layered character, label the body parts with Character Animator’s naming structure, add guides for special behaviors, and Character Animator will automatically rig the character so it’s ready to perform as soon as it’s imported. Now all you have to do is learn how to act.

A few more details
Character Animator is installed with After Effects CC. Open it directly, or from After Effects CC by going to File > Open Adobe Character Animator.

Learn more about Character Animator
Character Animator how-to
Character Animator feedback

Character Animator in After Effects CC is available for download in all builds, but as English only (i.e., the German version of After Effects CC will automatically include Character Animator in English).



Creative Cloud Charts

We are inundated with data. It’s the responsibility of designers to present it in a way that’s meaningful and comprehensible. Creative Cloud Charts has it covered: Custom graphs, charts, and visualizations… from your own data, using your own graphics. Charts can be created and customized in Illustrator CC and the links to live data are maintained in Creative Cloud. This means chart designs can be updated as often as the data changes. And since Charts are synced to Creative Cloud Libraries they can be placed in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CC projects.

A few more details
Charts (accessed by clicking on the Graph tool in the menu bar) is enabled by default in Illustrator CC and can be disabled in Preferences.

Creative Cloud Charts how-to
Creative Cloud Charts feedback

Creative Cloud Charts will only ship in English builds of Illustrator CC. The only way to get the CC Charts Technology Preview is to download the English version of Illustrator CC and install it alongside another language version.



Design Space

An early look at a future environment within Photoshop CC, Design Space addresses the needs of web, UI and app designers. We know designers want an efficient and spare design environment, so our vision gets the software out of the way. Built using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s a sleek new interface optimized for common web, UI and app design tasks. Design Space will minimize clicks, mouse travel, panels, dialogs, and clutter—and even offers some new PS features of its own. And, when jumping between Design Space and standard Photoshop CC for advanced image editing, files and states remain intact.

A few more details
As a Technology Preview, Design Space is turned off by default but can be enabled:
1. In Photoshop CC, select Edit > Preferences > Technology Previews (Windows) or Photoshop CC > Preferences > Technology Previews (Mac OS)
2. In the Technology Previews settings area, ensure that Enable Design Space is selected.
3. Click OK. (In Design Space, select Help > Open Introduction for a walkthrough of functionality.)

Design Space how-to
Design Space feedback
Design Space on Twitter

Design Space in Photoshop CC is available for download in all builds except French, but as English only (e.g., the German version of Photoshop CC will automatically include Design Space in English). The only way to get the Technology Preview of Design Space in France is to download the English version of Photoshop CC and install it alongside the French version.



Publish Online

Effortlessly publish and distribute digital versions of InDesign documents that work on any desktop or tablet, in any modern browser, without the need to install a plug-in. Publish Online documents have their own URLs, to share over email, social media, or direct message. Basically, anyone who has the URL can view the document in a beautiful, simple online reading experience, on any platform. Even better, Publish Online supports all the interactive capabilities—buttons, slideshows, animation, audio and video—of InDesign CC.

A few more details
Publish Online is enabled by default in InDesign CC.

Publish Online how-to
Publish Online feedback

Publish Online will only ship in English builds of InDesign CC. The only way to get the Publish Online Technology Preview is to download the English version of InDesign CC and install it alongside another language version.

So that’s the Technology Previews short story. Help us write the longer story by giving us comments, feedback and suggestions. If you haven’t already, update to the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, check out the Technology Previews, and let us know what you think.

Not a member of Creative Cloud? No problem. Technology Previews are also in the free trial versions of our apps. Go on, give them a try.


* Technology Previews can be enabled/disabled in the Technology Previews area of the Preferences dialog box in our applications but please remember: They are not production-ready, so exercise caution when using them for critical work.

* Technology Previews will be localized when they are no longer consider “Previews.”

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  • By Michael W. Perry - 9:50 AM on June 19, 2015  

    As you can see here:

    I’ve already taken advantage of Publish Online. For those who’ve not tried it, it could hardly be easier to use.

    I’m planning to use it as an easily accessed review copy as I promote the book with hospital/nursing administrators, nursing school professors, and nurses themselves. They can see the book precisely as it looks with no hassles. I’m not out the cost of printing and shipping. That’s marvelous.

    But I wonder what Adobe’s long-term goal for Publish Online is?

    * Is posting review copies online one of them? That it already does well.

    * Is it for more generalized publishing? At present, what we see are page images whose text can’t be copied and web links that don’t work. That is not full publishing.

    * Proofing. Add a way to mark up corrections and manage them, and Publish Online could prove to be a marvelous way to have people who’re not CC members read and mark up errors. I suspect that’d take a lot of work though, especially with multiple reviewers.

    * Currently, Adobe is doing the hosting. One mid-sized publisher I work with would be interested if published books could: 1. Be hosted either directly or as frame views on their website and 2. Copying text and web links worked. They do scholarly scientific books, so those features are a necessity.

    Thanks for Publish Online. I see it as the start of something great, I’m just not sure what that something is.