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December 1, 2008 /

terrific resources for technical details of digital video

When I need to wrap my head around some specific technical details of digital video, I often start with one of two resources: the big orange book and the Lurker’s Guide to Video.

the big orange book

Charles Poynton’s Digital Video and HDTV: Algorithms and Interfaces is a big orange book that sits on a lot of desks around here. It’s an excellent, deep technical resource that provides precise definitions for terms relevant to all of us who work with digital video, explains concepts, and otherwise gives grounding in the technologies that underlie digital video.

Charles Poynton also provides some excellent online resources, and we’ve included the URLs for these resources in our Community Help search database. For example, check out these Community Help searches:

Community Help search for ‘gamma’
Community Help search for ‘color FAQ’

Of course, I’ve also got links to specific sections of Charles’s website from various sections of the “Color” chapter of After Effects Help.

Lurker’s Guide to Video

Chris Pirazzi provides a great online resource for digital video technology, the Lurker’s Guide to Video. Like Poynton’s big orange book, the Lurker’s Guide is an excellent technical resource that provides definitions and explanations for terms and concepts relevant to digital video.

I’ve added a few links from After Effects Help to specific sections of the Lurker’s Guide, including these:

Lurker’s Guide to fields and interlacing, linked to from “Interlaced video, noninterlaced video, and progressive scanning”

Lurker’s Guide to timecode, linked to from “Time display units”

Lurker’s Guide to aspect ratios, linked to from “Pixel aspect ratio and frame aspect ratio”