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March 17, 2016 /UX/UI Design /

Thank You from the Adobe Experience Design Team

This has been an exciting week for the Adobe Experience Design CC team, and we’d like to say thank you! We are energized by your response and all the feedback we’ve already received on the Adobe XD Public Preview since we unleashed it on Monday. We immediately saw thousands of people flock to the Adobe XD product page and 75,000 downloads. In just 48 hours, Adobe XD trended on Twitter in major cities all across the globe and we received 289 feature requests from the community.  Download Adobe XD now.

What are we hearing from you?

The majority of the feature requestors — 68 percent — are Mac users and the most popular feature requests are: layers, grids and guides, scrollable areas for prototypes, and an improved color picker. I’m happy to report that these features are really well aligned with our backlog of features to land soon. This is great validation with the broader public audience, and it maps back to our private pre-release program where 5,000 UX designers helped us define what features we needed for the coming months.

And for you Windows users, we have a team dedicated to deliver a Windows release later in the year focusing on quality and performance, and tackling the challenges of the platform. Since day one we chose to build Adobe XD with a multi-platform approach, instead of cross-platform, so that we could take the best of the native capabilities in each operating system.

Where do we go from here?

Unlike any other tool at Adobe before us, Adobe XD has been built overwhelmingly from the feedback of designers who will be using it every day. Our team started by building an extremely fast rendering engine and solid foundation from the ground up that has given us a strong, fast platform that we will regularly be developing new features for – and if the features you were expecting aren’t in the Public Preview yet… stay tuned. In fact, you can even see where we are in the development cycle with new features by checking our feedback site, at any time.

Getting feedback in real time enables us to switch gears quickly and easily to focus in a new direction. On our feedback site, people can see what is being worked on at any point in time. You can see if the feature has been started, or if it is in the backlog. This level of transparency enables our users to see that their feedback is being heard in real time. Our team plans to iterate new requests regularly, making product updates every month until 1.0 is ready later this year.

Keep the comments coming

We want to hear your feedback! This Preview release is just the first step in an exciting journey with you, the community. Adobe XD is being built by a dedicated team who really care about what they are building and it is our sole objective to deliver the right value for UX designers. Your feedback is vital, as we continue with monthly updates to develop the tool for you, so we thank you and hope you continue on this journey with us.

Tell us what you think on Twitter (@AdobeXD), share ideas with fellow designers in our forums and help shape the future of Adobe XD by submitting feature ideas or issues here.


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  • By Jason Evan Baldwin - 7:50 AM on March 17, 2016  

    In the beginning the Geeks created the NETWORKS. And the NETWORKS were void and without form…. Then the GEEKS said, let the Graphic arts developers bring their Images to the NETWORKS. And so it was. And the Geeks saw that it was good. And the Graphic arts developers Published their Domains on the NETWORKS.
    So the Graphic arts developers created The INTERNET with images, with the image of the Graphic artists the INTERNET was created ; Homepages and Domains, Graphic artists created them. The Graphic artists published them and said to Man, “Be fruitful and increase the Homepages in number; fill the INTERNET and subdue it. Rule over the INTERNET and the Homepages on the Domains and over every Image and all the hypertext links that are posted on the INTERNET . Then the Geeks said, “We give you every Homepage on the Domains of the whole INTERNET and every Hypertext that have links with information and Graphics in them. They will be yours for Free. And it was good.

    Thank “YOU” Adobe.

    • By @__@ Guy - 1:18 PM on March 17, 2016  


  • By Regis - 3:22 PM on March 19, 2016  

    Ola por favor crien um versão para windows queremos testar tambem

  • By benjamin kai - 4:00 PM on March 21, 2016  

    I’ve been using XD since the second day it was out everday since. I do agree without layer it’s not so convenience for selecting a group of object. I am not sure if this happened to anyone else, when i try to delete one item inside the repeat grid boxes, everything else will disappear. But other then that, I love how you can switch from design to prototype instantly.

  • By nektobit - 3:45 AM on March 22, 2016  

    What about WIN OS?

  • By Terry - 7:00 AM on March 23, 2016  

    “The majority of the feature requestors — 68 percent — are Mac users…” HAHAHA I have to laugh out loud at this statement, considering XD IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MAC USERS. 😀
    This reminds me of Adobe back in the day (20 years ago!) when they rolled out PageMill, had a big conference, free software for every attendee, and only after you paid for the conference and attended did you find out: “Mac only. PC coming later this year…”
    I was a beta tester for the first version of Illustrator for Windows, interesting experience… so where do I sign up to become a beta tester for XD in Universal Windows (WIN 10)?

  • By Tony Nguyen - 5:24 PM on April 1, 2016  

    Really need some support for layers, micro interactions, form fill and animations, hover animations, and data visualizations! The industry is large with mobile applications, but there are desktop applications that are incredibly high in demand that need these basic functions too! There really is an untapped area here because most vendors want users to fake it to make it by creating animated GIFs, but a tool that could simplify those actions would really help a lot of users struggling to convey those ideas to a larger team environment. Also, by adding those little things, we could make much more easily understood video recordings that do not require a narrative. I really want to LOVE XD, since the Adobe integration is there for power users, but right now, it’s just alright and feels like a early stage Keynote.

    • By graham - 9:10 PM on April 10, 2016  

      I thought the idea of this thing was to get away from layers. I am so tired of having layer after layer I have to manage in the design process. just my thoughts. Thank you – Graham