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The 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Is Here

Since we launched Creative Cloud in the spring of 2012, our vision has been to give creative professionals everything they need for their modern, connected creative process. The 2015 release of Creative Cloud delivers on that vision of a creative platform that lets you work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices—with deep integration between our mobile apps and our desktop apps, a connected assets-based workflow, a vibrant and growing marketplace, and community features built right in.

What’s new?
Of course we never hold back on bringing you the latest cool features. This Creative Cloud release includes new Adobe magic and incredible performance boosts to your favorite desktop apps. The companion mobile apps bring that Adobe magic to your devices, and now there are even more ways for you to use the powerful, connected mobile-to-desktop workflows to create your best work. Due to popular demand, we’re adding two new iOS mobile apps to Creative Cloud, and Android support for four of our most popular mobile apps.
And to further accelerate your creative process, today we’re introducing Adobe Stock—our brand new service with deep connections to Creative Cloud and integration into your favorite desktop apps. Search, manage and purchase from 40 million curated Adobe Stock images directly within the new CC desktop apps.

At the heart of Creative Cloud is Adobe CreativeSync—an exclusive technology that ensures that your files, photos, fonts, vector graphics, brushes, colors, settings, metadata and stock images from Adobe Stock instantly appear in your workflow right where you need them. CreativeSync lets you start your creative work on any device and seamlessly pick it up on another. From initial idea to finished work, CreativeSync is the engine that lets you create wherever you are.

More Adobe magic and huge performance improvements in fifteen desktop apps:

  • In Adobe Photoshop CC, Artboards lets you make multiple layouts of different sizes in a single document, and the new Device Preview shows how designs and interactivity will look and adapt on mobile. The Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Patch tools have been turbocharged with Mercury Graphics Engine enhancements, so you get results up to 120 times faster than you would if you were using CS6. And be sure to check out the new Photoshop Design Space (Preview Technology), a streamlined experience optimized for designing websites and mobile apps.
  • Adobe Illustrator CC is the fastest version yet—ten times faster and ten times more precise than CS6. Thanks to a new Mercury Performance System boost, you can pan, zoom and scroll faster and more smoothly, and zoom into your artwork to create and edit with incredible precision. And should your system crash before you’ve had a chance to save, just relaunch the app and your work will be restored.
  • Adobe InDesign CC gets its own Mercury performance surge with twice as fast zooming, scrolling, and paging through complex documents. InDesign CC now also lets you publish and distribute documents with a single click.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC includes Dehaze, a stunning new feature (also available in Photoshop CC) that lets you eliminate fog and haze from images—even underwater shots. Or you can add haze for artistic effect.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC continues to lead the video industry and this is our best release yet. The intuitive and powerful Lumetri Color panel helps you make instant color corrections, and Morph Cut magically smooths and polishes jump cuts and dialogue pauses to deliver a polished interview. With brand new Creative Cloud Libraries integration, Premiere Pro CC takes full advantage of CreativeSync technology so assets like color “Looks” and graphics flow seamlessly between Adobe mobile apps and Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC and more.
  • Adobe After Effects CC dramatically improves your productivity with new support for Creative Cloud Libraries so all of your assets are at your fingertips. Uninterrupted Preview allows you to adjust a composition’s properties and even resize panels without interrupting playback. Make sure you also check out the groundbreaking new Character Animator, which tracks your movements via webcam and transposes them onto a 2D character.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC reduces the effort to create mobile websites with support for responsive design to create production‐ready websites that dynamically adapt to various screen sizes, and includes the ability to preview and test websites on multiple devices in real time.
  • Adobe Muse CC has instant access to the fonts in Typekit, making it easier to get your web designs done faster. Adobe Muse can also integrate blogs, shopping carts, and more using new widgets downloaded from the Library panel.

061515_CC2015_MnStockMeet Adobe Stock
We know that Creative Cloud members are avid users and creators of stock imagery so we’re thrilled to introduce the Adobe Stock marketplace.

What makes Adobe Stock so unique?

  • First, Adobe Stock includes 40 million beautiful, high-impact photos, illustrations and graphics covering virtually every subject, so you can jump-start any print, web or mobile app project.
  • Next, there’s the deep integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud and the CC desktop apps that you rely on. You can launch Adobe Stock directly within CC desktop apps, add watermarked images to Creative Cloud Libraries and then access and work with images across multiple desktop tools such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC. We’ve made it incredibly simple to work with watermarked images in comps.
  • Finally, when you’re ready to license an image for finished work, you can do it directly within the desktop application you’re working in. Any edits you made to the watermarked image are magically applied to the purchased full‐resolution image (thank you CreativeSync) saving you loads of time going between your comp and finished design.

Adobe Stock is available starting today in 36 countries and 13 languages and is a beautiful and easy- to-use standalone web site where you can purchase, download or sell stock images. While anyone can purchase Adobe Stock, an exclusive discount for Creative Cloud members lets you save up to 40% on the “10 images per month” plan. If you’re simply looking for one perfect image, pricing begins at $9.99 and we also have plans for power stock users.

For more details, read “Adobe Stock: Shaking Up The Stock Content Market.”

A new era of mobile-to-desktop connections
Since Adobe first introduced our family of Creative Cloud-connected mobile apps, we’ve championed mobile’s importance to the creative process. Today, we’re thrilled to broaden our platform support, and add more apps to the family.

061515_CC2015_IconGPlayBy popular demand, Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Color CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Photoshop Mix are now all available for Android in the Google Play Store.

061515_CC2015_IconHue (formerly Project Candy) makes it effortless to capture and share production “looks” that combine quality lighting and color schemes for video, film and broadcast. Now the light and colors captured with an iPhone camera can be reflected across any video footage in Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC.

061515_CC2015_IconPreview Adobe Preview CC gives Photoshop CC designers precise, real‐time previews of their mobile designs.

Creative Cloud Libraries are more powerful than ever
The power and potential of Creative Cloud Libraries—to access images, colors, type styles, brushes, and files when and where you need them—is now even better, and available from more apps with support for Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Integration with Adobe Stock lets you download royalty‐free images and vector graphics directly to Creative Cloud Libraries for effortless managing, sharing and use of stock content. We’ve also made Creative Cloud Libraries more powerful with support for Linked Assets, which allows you to update an asset once and automatically incorporate those changes within every document or project.

Get the Creative Cloud 2015 release now
Today’s updates to CC desktop tools, mobile apps, and services are immediately available to Creative Cloud members. You can see all that’s new in the Creative Cloud 2015 highlights videos.

If you haven’t tried Creative Cloud yet, you can try all of the latest features with free trials of our desktop apps, or get started by capturing your ideas and inspiration with one of the free mobile apps. Even if you recently tried any of our apps, you can try them again for another 30 days; we’re excited about all the innovations and we want everyone to get the chance to take the new apps for a spin.

We think you’ll love everything that’s new, and we can’t wait to see what you make.

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  • By Joshua - 9:53 PM on June 15, 2015  

    When will these new tools be released to CC subscribers? I want to use dehaze, but it doesn’t show up in my “up to date” Lightroom CC.

    • By Sue Garibaldi - 6:39 AM on June 16, 2015  

      Joshua, The updates are available now in your Creative Cloud desktop app. Just in case you need it:

      • By Dane Morgan - 8:39 AM on June 16, 2015  

        All I see in my Creative Cloud Desktop is the 2014 versions. I don’t see any 2015 versions or any update indicatrs.

        • By Sue Garibaldi - 8:43 AM on June 16, 2015  

          Hi Dane. Log out. When you log back in the updates should be there.

          • By Cliff - 11:52 AM on June 16, 2015  

            Hi Sue. Thanks for this tip. I was quitting the app and re-opening, but hadnt thought to log out. The logout link is not in the main options, so I had to look for it.

            thanks! downloading now and cant wait. I’d been using CS5.5 til last month. good time for me to upgrade finally to cc. 🙂

          • By Sue Garibaldi - 11:56 AM on June 16, 2015  

            Glad it worked Cliff. Let us know how you like the updates.

        • By Dane Morgan - 9:00 AM on June 16, 2015  

          All I see in my Creative Cloud Desktop is the 2014 versions. I don’t see any 2015 versions or any update indicators.

          [edit]Logging out and back in again triggered the updates[/edit]

  • By Brennen J Alexander - 10:52 PM on June 15, 2015  

    Update going well so far. Cant wait to dive into each app’s many new features and enhancements!

  • By Corne van Driel - 2:57 AM on June 16, 2015  

    Scott, is someone addressing the incorrect ACR version issue yet?

  • By Sterling Ledet - 3:41 AM on June 16, 2015  

    Are we going to have to wait long before Mixamo 3d is added to cc?

    • By Sterling Ledet - 4:15 AM on June 16, 2015  

      Also, if someone did a trial of cc 2014 and it expired, will they be able to do a trial of cc 2015?

      • By Sue Garibaldi - 6:33 AM on June 16, 2015  

        Hi Sterling. Yes, we’ve reset trials so even if you’ve “trialed” before, you can “trial” again.

    • By Scott Morris - 9:10 AM on June 16, 2015  

      Hi Sterling,

      We are working hard to integrate Mixamo products and services into Creative Cloud. Expect to see some existing stuff later this year!


      • By Scott Morris - 9:11 AM on June 16, 2015  

        Make that *exciting.* 😉

  • By Toby Bridson - 4:44 AM on June 16, 2015  

    The CC 2015 update is good, not nearly as many features as I’d hoped but it’s progress. Surely the most underrated feature is the improved shared libraries. Sharing a library with teams and having graphic assets updated in the cloud was a great feature of CC 2014, CC 2015 linked libraries is even better, as anyone can update a shared library graphic asset and everyone in the team will also receive the change as usual. However Adobe has gone a step further… if that linked asset is used in multiple documents it will receive the change automatically. Bizarrely the fonts, colours and styles do not have the same live link features and are not live linked at all, which is a curious oversight on Adobe’s end.

  • By jb - 8:22 AM on June 16, 2015  

    Still no updates available in the CC Desktop app. Do the update servers deliver by region or in batches? How can I get the updates now?

    • By Sue Garibaldi - 8:29 AM on June 16, 2015  

      Hey Jason, Try logging out. The updates should show up when you log back in.

    • By jb - 8:29 AM on June 16, 2015  

      Nevermind… Updates just showed up now

      • By Sue Garibaldi - 8:31 AM on June 16, 2015  


  • By Camila - 10:01 AM on June 16, 2015  

    Olá colegas,

    Eu tentei atualizar ontem, mas ficou parado em 5% em várias horas. E agora está ocorrendo a mesma coisa.

    Como faço para proceder a atualização?

    Camila Dias

    • By Oscar - 6:10 AM on June 22, 2015  

      Bom dia, Camila.
      Estou com o mesmo problema. Acho que até um pouco mais complicado. Nenhum aplicativo Adobe CC está abrindo.
      Já conseguiu alguma solução?

  • By Hervé BERNARD - 10:19 AM on June 16, 2015  

    What are the minimum specifications of the graphic board for this version. I have NVidia CeForce GTX470 and W7 pack 1.
    Do I have to change something. Hope no
    Thanks for answering

  • By gene wild - 12:51 PM on June 16, 2015  

    This update is more of the same “stuff” as far as Adobe updates are concerned:
    1) plug-ins don’t migrate and common ones don’t work in CC 2015
    2) contrary to previous statements about being able to use older versions default on this deleted CC 2014 and CC. Supposedly these can be re-downloaded from Creative Cloud but the only thing I found when going there was CS6—at least it runs NIK, On One, and Topaz plug-ins.
    3) with the Lightroom upgrade the last three months of my catalog disappeared—even though I had done the recommended backup it they don’t appear in either folder. When I re-imported the images all of my changes were gone—a big pain and costly.
    I recommend that ,especially if you count on these programs for your living you do not upgrade at this time—maybe when they have the bugs out but not now.

  • By Chris Ricker - 2:57 PM on June 16, 2015  

    Is there any way to download the entire package? I have very fast internet at work and very slow satellite limited internet at home and I’d like to download it here at work and bring it home to install on my desktop. I’m updating my laptop here right now.

    • By David - 5:24 PM on June 16, 2015  

      There is an “Update All” option at the top of the Creative Cloud app, but it still needs to download then install each of the apps one after another. You might want to do it from work when you have time for the whole process to complete.

      – Dave

  • By Bill Barrett - 3:54 PM on June 16, 2015  

    I too used the updater (accessed through Photoshop), and the updates said they installed fine. On restarting my computer, though, no sign of anything. Win 7/64, if that helps at all.

    • By David - 5:21 PM on June 16, 2015  

      Does it show Photoshop as up to date within the Creative Cloud app? This is actually a new version, so updating through the app is a little different.

      – Dave

      • By Bill Barrett - 8:23 AM on June 17, 2015  

        Apparently not. In the Creative Cloud app, it says “You updated (various applications) 2014.” But yesterday the updater was definitely doing something with the 2015 files, and now it ways there are no updates.

  • By designworks - 4:28 PM on June 16, 2015  

    Are the performance improvements that Adobe was able to make using the new Apple Metal API included in this release, ready for OS X El Capitan?

  • By Nick - 4:43 PM on June 16, 2015  

    Is this release backwards compatible? Also is it more stable than the last release? (which will still crash on me multiple times per week)

  • By Matti Dupre - 4:45 PM on June 16, 2015  

    1: Is there any particular engineering hurdle behind adding 8-bit PNGs with alpha transparency to save for web?

    2: Can we see a bit more focus on streamlining SVG output for web?

    3: IDML in InDesign is a joke. Can we have a more streamlined text import process? I would absolutely love to see Markdown integration.

    4: You all really hit it out of the park with smart objects in Photoshop. Can we push that integration a bit further with InDesign and Illustrator? In fact, a more consistent experience across all products should be of greater emphasis moving forward.

    Honestly, none of these updates are really doing all that much for my workflow. We need better Smart Guides before we need new brushes. We need more sensible links and exports before we need new filters. Please, please focus on usability and workflow fundamentals instead of pushing new glamor features.

    I’m getting to the point where I’m paying more for plugins that patch the obvious than I do your core products. It’s only a matter of time before these guys cut the middle man.

    Thank you and I do love Adobe products.

    • By Matti Dupre - 4:58 PM on June 16, 2015  

      Sorry, wanted to make one addition.

      1.5: Save for Web would make a lot more sense if it were treated as more of a “build tool” that executes when you save the original PSD / AI. Let me define the output settings once, and not have to manually name the file or tweak the settings every single time I reopen the original. Allow the user to set multiple resolutions (@2x, @4x, etc). I’m aware this can be done with actions, but it needs to be more tightly integrated. In Illustrator, put your SVG export settings here as well.

      Just call the “Export Palette” and add it across all products.

  • By Mark Barron - 8:10 PM on June 16, 2015  

    I use Illustrator and am a Cloud Professional customer. Simple Illustrator CC 2014 box with round corners. Open the file in 2015, copy it, paste it to a new document, and the effect is offset. Change the stroke and the effect is corrected. GPU displays thin lines inconsistently when ON, missing line or displaying lines with different strokes when they are the same. Overall I’ve restored Illustrator CC to 2014. Illustrator CC 2015 is not functional.

  • By David Manak - 9:47 PM on June 16, 2015  

    Does Adobe plan on adding a 200% scale to all of their apps like Photoshop so users that have UHD 4K resolutions. I use Bridge,Illustrator and Lightroom frequently and the small text is killing me. Thanks

  • By Lauren - 2:52 AM on June 17, 2015  

    I am having problems opening files after installing the new Adobe muse update. It sticks on ‘Converting User Libraries’ so my file just never opens!

    • By Preran Kumar - 8:31 AM on June 17, 2015  

      Hi Lauren, please post your question along with details on the Muse forum for us to track and investigate your issue.

  • By Brian Walsh - 6:12 AM on June 17, 2015  

    When I update AE to CC15, the button in CC changes from ‘update’ to ‘start trial.’ Did I just download a trial version of CC15? Does this update require re-purchasing the CC suite?
    I ask because I updated Premiere, and then opened the project I’ve been working on all year. If this is a ‘trial’ version of the new Premiere and requires additional purchase, I’ve really screwed myself.

    • By Preran Kumar - 8:35 AM on June 17, 2015  

      No, you do not have to purchase anything separately as long as your CC subscription is active. Please log out and log into the application, and see if that resolves your issue. If that does not work, quit the application, and re-login. As an extreme measure, you can try reinstalling the app but that will probably not be required at all.

      • By Robert Shaver - 5:14 PM on June 21, 2015  

        I’m having the same issue. I did log out and back in. No help. In the past logging out and back in fixed it. The other thing is Photoshop is no longer the default app to open JPG files and Windows will not let me set it.

  • By Hans Cummings - 7:04 AM on June 17, 2015  

    After installing, I discovered my third-party add-ons would not work and were not moved and my previous versions were uninstalled. I guess that’s on me, but you should have made the messages informing me more clear.

    But what really gets my gall is that it neither acknowledges my current license for InDesign nor will it let me reinstall the previous version. It doesn’t even show up as as option!

    How does this help me work?

  • By Jon Borland - 5:14 AM on June 18, 2015  

    Installed perfectly – Photoshop doesn’t work at all on my main machine and crashes after saving or when closing on my other machine. Not impressed! No third party add-ons in use.
    Both machines Win 7/64

  • By Angela Dethridge - 10:05 AM on June 18, 2015  

    Since the upload of CC 2015 I am unable to adjust my computer’s text size. CC 2015 either comes in as the same size as 2014 and then everything else is extremely tiny or is ‘everything else’ is readable CC 2015 comes in so large tht it will not fit on my screen. I have tried altering the text sizes in Windows but nothing solves the overall problem very large CC 2015,and normal everything else or very small everything else and normal CC Is anyone else having this problem?

  • By Sarah Sims - 10:42 AM on June 18, 2015  

    On the new update for CC 2015 Illustrator I noticed that all of my vector art in my CC Libraries are now flattened and all of my text boxes are flattened as well. Any help on this would be appreciated, as I used them all day long.

  • By Lee - 1:24 PM on June 18, 2015  

    After updating, I noticed that icons for my previously made documents no longer had the Adobe logos. I had to resave them as new documents. Will people who have NOT updated be able to open the new 2015 docs if I need to send them?

  • By René - 11:20 PM on June 18, 2015  

    Despite my subscription/cc photography membership Photoshop CC14 turned into a trial CC15 on both my computers (Imac, Yosemite).

    Strangely LR updated into CC15 on one computer en into a trial CC15 on the other one.

    Repeatedly logging in/out of quitting/reopening the creative cloud app made no difference so far.

    Any ideas how to solve this issue?

  • By Deane - 12:35 AM on June 19, 2015  

    Other than Photoshop (which I updated using advanced “do not remove older versions” option to retain CC for paint), is there any point retaining any of the other apps legacy versions or can I update all others (Ai, Lr, Id, Dw, Mu, Fl, Acrobat etc) by overwriting? I’ll wait before I hear to update. Thanks in advance – Deano

    • By David - 3:02 PM on June 19, 2015  

      Third party plugins or add-ons are the typically the reason why not to uninstall the prior versions. If you haven’t installed anything into the legacy versions outside of what comes with them by default, it should be fine to remove the older versions when installing the latest. If you’re at all uncertain, I’d error on the side of caution and leave the prior versions installed until you’re sure your typical workflows work fine in the new version, then uninstall the older versions at your convenience.

  • By Edythe L - 1:32 AM on June 19, 2015  

    I support the Service Desk at work and got this Query
    Can you please advise me on how to resolve this issue for a colleague-

    “Last night i noticed there was an update for Adobe CC which i have installed on my personal mac at home, after the update all of my icons in the dock have disappeared and it now prompts me to start trial?

    Im not sure what has happened, please help”

  • By başak - 1:42 AM on June 19, 2015  

    Hi, after updating i could not open illustrator. There were a screen saying “you need to redownload or update this plug in etc..” I found which one is problematic, anyone can help about how to update the plugin

    • By David - 3:15 PM on June 19, 2015  

      It sounds like the plug-in may not be compatible with the latest CC 2015 release. I would recommend going to the website of the plug-in manufacturer to see if they provide a more recent CC 2015 compatible version – else you may need to reinstall the older CC or CC 2014 version product again and plug-in for it to work.

  • By Neurotic10 - 10:39 AM on June 19, 2015  

    I’m LOVING the Artboards combined with the Adobe Preview. Wish list: Roll out Preview for Google Play store.

  • By Frannie - 12:13 PM on June 21, 2015  

    Loving the new stuff. It’s all running perfectly; so first off, thank you 🙂

    However, I’m as dismayed as ever to find (or not find, is more the case) any of the promised Android apps.

    I can’t spot one single one of the apps which you *specifically state* are available right now via Google Play Store. They simply don’t exist… or have I missed something???

    All/any of these apps would be a godsend, as would an Android version of ‘Voice’ (yet another facility rolled out for iPad/Phone users while the rest of us are left hung out to dry).

    Given I pay the same Creative Cloud fee as folk who have access to iOS devices would it not be fair to provide me with the same products?

    • By Frannie - 12:25 PM on June 21, 2015  

      Hmmmm… urgent update to the above. The apps mentioned in the blog *are* available in the Google Play Store but only via Adobe’s own links. If one visits the Store and searches for the apps by name absolutely none of them show up in the search results.

      They are there though… so thanks again and I’m off to try them now 🙂

      • By Frannie - 12:30 PM on June 21, 2015  

        Sigh, well that flurry of optimism was all too brief. The apps aren’t available for Android tablets; so I’m still no better off. Ho hum :/

  • By Ville Wilson - 1:26 AM on June 22, 2015  

    Is there any possibility you could address the SVG export bug in Illustrator 2015 as soon as possible? Normal SVG export works, but when trying to export multiple SVG´s from Artboards (when checking the “To artboards” checkbox during export) it results in empty files. This problem appears both on my Mac and on my PC, and my coworkers have the same problem, so it´s not an individual case.

  • By Michael Rurka - 4:42 AM on June 22, 2015  

    Illustrator CC crashes all the time now! Previous version was perfect. Now I get about 3-5 crashes an hour if I move too fast. Common -_-

  • By Chartin - 6:55 AM on June 22, 2015  

    I am having trouble updating. When I open the CC app, there is no update option. My tabs from left to right are:
    Home. Assets. Stock. Community.

    No ‘Apps’ tab. Can anyone help?

  • By ChadTCD - 12:33 PM on June 22, 2015  


    Is there a way to mass convert existing CC 2014 files to CC 2015.

    Right now when I open a file it says “converted” then I have to go navigate to the folder it was in and save it down, this is horribly a pain in the butt since I have over a 1,000 InDesign files.

  • By IF - 10:34 AM on June 23, 2015  

    Bring back marquee zoom in Illustrator please!

    • By ToddCP - 7:53 AM on July 2, 2015  

      I agree! I wish there was a way to allow the user to decide which zoom function they want to use.

  • By Bernard - 3:10 PM on June 23, 2015  

    Updated to latest version in Lightroom but now don’t get the check box to sync to LR mobile. Have logged out and in and stopped/started the service and rebooted machine. Running on mac.

  • By joel - 9:56 AM on June 24, 2015  

    i’ve upgraded to CC 2015 and now every time i Save For Web, it crashes. Bravo, Adobe!

  • By JJ Peters - 3:17 PM on June 24, 2015  

    When will you offer Disabled (unable to work or study) people the same subscription rates as Students & Teachers. We can be great ambassadors for your software and other other companies like Maxon and Autodesk already do it… I have All of Autodesk’s software and Maxon’s and frequently recommend them to people!

  • By Jacob - 6:33 PM on June 24, 2015  

    Is anyone else experiencing performance problems with the latest update of the Creative Cloud?
    Ever since I updated my software to the 2015 version, Illustrator and Photoshop are so slow, it is impossible to work with them. Opening an 8 MB .ai file took me literally 5 minutes, every small change takes another minute to render.
    This is unacceptable for software I pay £50 a month for.
    My hardware is surely not the latest, but I have never had any trouble before (Macbook Pro Retina, Late 2013 – 2.6 Ghz i5, 8GB Ram).

    I even tried uninstalling the software and installing from scratch without any changes.

  • By Carla Stolte - 6:24 AM on June 25, 2015  

    For some reason, I am having to use a trial version of InDesign and Illustrator. All the other applications are showing as “update” or “open”. I have an account…is there a reason why this might be happening?

  • By Kenya - 11:27 AM on June 25, 2015  

    This is bullshit. All of my CC 2015 applications are crashing before launch. It was working fine until yesterday. I’ve already signed out then signed back in but it still doesn’t work. I’m Windows 8.1 user.

  • By Lis - 1:37 AM on June 26, 2015  

    Everything seems to have updated okay, but I have no icons on any of my InDesign files, just blank white boxes. All of the other apps have their icons. I have tried changing the default opening program and then changing it back again, but still no icons. Any idea how I can get the icons back, please?

  • By Klarissa - 6:05 PM on June 27, 2015  

    I just updated the CC this week and I’ve noticed some changes to my set up for After Effects that are not working like they used to. Namely the RAM Preview option. It’s disappeared from my Preview bar and when I click the ‘Play’ button the video in AE starts playing wherever I left the Current Time Indicator not the designated Work Area I assigned. And whenever I want to stop the play back I have to hit ‘Stop’ and drag the Time Indicator back to where I want to review again. It won’t jump back to where it began. It’s really annoying and time consuming compared to the last update I had.
    And my Current Time Indicator keeps disappearing and reappearing in the Timeline. No idea why, but it’s very hard for me to line up audio to graphics when I can’t see the red line to know where to pause. I had already restarted the application and my computer with the same results.
    Did something not upload properly in the update, or is it the same for others?

    • By Sue Garibaldi - 7:53 AM on June 30, 2015  

      Hi Klarissa, I touched base with our support team and they mentioned a blog post about Previews in After Effects ( and suggested posting in the forums ( with regard to the CTI going out of view. Hope this helps.

  • By jake - 7:01 AM on June 30, 2015  

    I tried updating but it said that it was a 30 day free trial….. I am soooo confused help?