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The Best of Premiere Pro: video training by Eran Stern

Eran Stern’s new video training collection, The Best of Premiere Pro, is a very good video training series for someone who has already learned the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro and wants to learn some practical tips, shortcuts, workflows, and advanced techniques.

This series is a welcome deviation from many of the tutorials and training packages that I’ve seen. Rather than attempt to cover the same ground covered by several other video training series that cover (or attempt to cover) every feature and UI control, Eran has chosen to focus on a few things that have been left relatively untouched by other offerings. Even in the case where he does cover subjects covered in other video training series, he does so in greater depth or with more attention to workflow gotchas—as in the nearly two hours that he spends on one end-to-end project using Dynamic Link in various ways.

Eran put real testing into the research for this video series, and this testing pays off with information that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, he shares a list of Cycore (CC) effects installed with After Effects that can also be used in Premiere Pro. Similarly, he shares his experience with a large number of other third-party effects and makes recommendations for their use.

Eran has made a few of the videos from this series freely available to whet your appetite, and you can find these free videos toward the bottom of the main The Best of Premiere Pro product page.

I think that the best of the free sample videos is the one about the use of transparent video clips. A higher-quality version of that video is also on Eran’s main tutorials page. Here’s a direct link to the transparent video tutorial.

This training video makes heavy use of stock footage from Art Beats, and you even get some Art Beats footage when you purchase the video training.

(Note: As you can see on Eran’s blog, there is a problem as of today with the Art Beats server; but I’m sure that they’ll get that cleared up soon.)

I only found one aspect of the entire video training series problematic, and that was the audio toward the beginning. I think that Eran must have changed his microphone setup after recording the first video, because I noticed rather distracting plosives in that video but not in the later ones.

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