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The Redesign of InDesign: An Inside Scoop

The Redesign of InDesign: An Inside Scoop

InDesign is the premier layout and publication application. With the release of InDesign 2017.1, we have made the user interface flat, modern and easier on the eye to help creatives do their best work. With this change, we’ve also made the user interface consistent across the Adobe design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

A new, simpler user interface
The previous user interface was effective for creatives, but we wanted to do more to simplify the workspace and help them focus on their work. So we looked at all the details from icons and button shadows to edit boxes. We streamlined icons, simplified buttons, and perfected other interface elements. We’ve also updated the “New Documents” dialogue to surface relevant presets and templates to make them accessible.  

Design without compromise
As designers ourselves, we were also keenly aware of how important choosing the right color palette is. Some designers work in bright studios, and therefore need high contrast in their workspace to easily navigate menus and options. Others work in more dimly lit spaces, where bright colors can be straining to the eyes. Our team did extensive testing and gathered a lot of user feedback to optimize InDesign for all of our audiences.

With the new release, designers have the flexibility to choose between four different workspace themes: dark, medium-dark, medium-light, and light. Learn how to change the color the themes here.


Redesigned Colors

Little changes have big impacts – Both colors were tested with our users as part of the early redesign efforts. The color swatch (1) on the right was part of the test group that resulted in a 90% higher satisfaction rate compared to color swatch (2).


User-driven workspace improvements
Every release of InDesign is accompanied by extensive testing and gathering of user feedback. This release was no different. Our pre-release users helped us early on to mold this user interface into what it is today. Their feedback is one of the main reasons why we have added more flexibility in workspace themes. Every bit of insight the pre-release team provides goes a long way. The details make a difference — and more importantly, the feedback you provide is what makes all the difference.

Join our pre-release program to get early access to new releases.

We’re excited about the new design, not only because it’s better for our users, but also because the new interface sets the foundation for future improvements. Our goal is to make InDesign faster, more powerful, and simpler to use for all creatives. This is one step toward that ultimate goal.

If you haven’t already, download the latest version of InDesign. If you have, stay tuned because we’re excited to show you more at Adobe MAX — the Creativity Conference.


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  • By Michael W. Perry - 11:28 AM on April 14, 2017  

    Follow ID user groups and you’ll see that there are few-to-no complaints about the UI. There are, however, endless complaints about a work-a-day feature set that remained virtually unchanged for several years.

    We’ve paid $720 or more to Adobe during that time and received what—footnotes that span columns and an easier way to enter obscure characters. That’s pitiful. We’re growing tired of seeing our CC fees subsidize the development of other products.

  • By Colin flashman - 3:27 PM on April 14, 2017  

    Who cares If indesign has a new coat of paint? How about fixing the long laundry-list of bug fixes and improvements that users have asked for over the last ten years? In the last two years I’ve met personally (at my own travel expense) to meet the senior engineers and product managers of indesign to try and affect change and get some improvements and innovation for this program and its core users who are using it for print purposes.
    New interface… do me a favour…

  • By Warren Bingham - 12:40 AM on April 15, 2017  

    I agree. I’m tired of the redecorating and would appreciate some remodeling. It is time for some significant improvements. While other Creative Cloud applications get reworked and improved, InDesign hasn’t progressed at all. Why isn’t the best tool for designing grid-based layouts can’t contribute to XD or to Photoshop. The best text handling program isn’t used to help with interactive layouts. The best application for master pages, styles and inheritance isn’t allowed to work with wed layouts. Did I miss something?

  • By Hisham AlHoot - 12:25 PM on April 19, 2017  

    still need story or page tool
    left to right or right to left

  • By Peter Ly - 1:00 PM on April 19, 2017  

    Why we can not select more than one paragraph? This “feature” was in Ventura v.1, in 1995

  • By Eugene - 12:41 AM on April 20, 2017  

    You call the New Document interface a simpler interface? Are you kidding? It’s convoluted and unnecessary.

    InDesign is becoming a hot mess, and the lack of new features and bug fixes is really grinding a lot of gears!

    You’re not listening to user feedback – Photoshop and Illustrators New Document interface was also greeted with dismay!

    Sort it out.

  • By Lindsey T. Martin - 1:42 PM on April 28, 2017  

    What they said. Heck, you folks are making Quark look innovative.