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March 21, 2010 /Region of Interest /

top After Effects Community Help contributors

As most of you know, you can add comments to the pages of After Effects Help on the Web. We encourage you to add comments to share tips, tricks, links to tutorials, and other information that will help other users of After Effects.

Also, Adobe hosts a very active After Effects user-to-user forum. Many of the people who add comments to the pages of After Effects Help to provide useful information are the same people who help to answer questions on the forum.

I’d like to thank these folks for helping out their fellow After Effects users. This community generosity is one of the things that makes me so glad that I’m lucky enough to have the job of working with After Effects. It seems that the people who use After Effects are very often willing to help each other out. I like working in a community where everyone tries to help each other succeed in their art and work.

It would be nice if you did what you could to thank these people, too. You could stop by their websites, leave a note of thanks, consider buying what they’re selling… even use the PayPal donation buttons that some of them provide.

Here is a list of people who have been helping out a lot lately:

(Note that this list doesn’t even consider the work that some of these same people do as Community Help moderators, moderating the comments that are added to Help, which is itself a valuable service.)

Of course, there are a lot of folks who help out in other places, too, like all of the people answering questions on Creative COW forums, MoGraph, and so on. I’ll leave it to the folks running the respective leader boards on those sites to call those folks out. I will say a general thanks, though. There are a lot of places to get help for After Effects. Take your pick.

Again, thank you, all. I’m sure that everyone reading this thanks you, too, but I’ll let them speak for themselves.

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