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October 31, 2008 /Region of Interest /

Trish and Chris Meyer’s books: excellence and excerpts (take 2)

[There was a breakdown in communication that necessitated me taking this blog post down for a little while. I think that we’ve got it worked out, so let’s try again…]

It pains me to say it, but Trish and Chris Meyer are better at my job than I am.

They’ve been writing books about After Effects for much longer than I have, and their aesthetic sense is better developed than mine.

So, in an attempt to make their expertise immediately available to you, I asked the good folks at Focal Press—who publish the Meyers’ books—to post some excerpts of these books on the Web. They kindly agreed, and so now I can point to these excerpts to flesh out some of the explanations of concepts and techniques in After Effects Help.

I hope that you read these newly posted excerpts and decide to buy the books. They’re truly required reading.

I won’t be publishing a new version of After Effects CS4 Help for at least another couple of weeks, so here is a list of the excerpts from the Meyers’ books that you can use right now. I’m also including a link to the section of After Effects Help that will soon host each of these links, and where you can already go for more details about each topic.

Happy reading!

After Effects Apprentice: Real-World Skills for the Aspiring Motion Graphics Artist

“Layer Control”: moving, trimming, reordering, and sequencing layers
(For more information, see “Selecting and arranging layers” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

“Creating Transparency”: basics of masks
(For more information, see “Alpha channels, masks, and mattes” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

“Parenting and Nesting: basics of parenting, precomposing, and nesting
(For more information, see “Nesting, precomposing, and pre-rendering” and “Parent and child layers” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects (4th Edition)

“All About Track Mattes”: pretty much what the title says: luma mattes, alpha mattes, mattes, mattes, mattes…
(For more information, see “Track mattes and traveling mattes” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

“Shape Layers”: basics of creating shapes
(For more information, see “Overview of shape layers, paths, and vector graphics” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

“Integrating with 3D Applications”: introduction to importing 3D data from 3D applications (and what to do in those 3D applications to get the best results in After Effects)
(For more information, see “Preparing and importing 3D image files” in After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.)

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