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Trojan Battery Gets Capacity to Spare for its Creative Teams

The company that invented the modern golf-cart battery knows a few things about powering innovation and keeping extra capacity available to make sure things work properly. So, it should be no surprise that Trojan Battery Company trusts the power and flexibility of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

Trojan Battery is a global company with a small, centralized marketing department that creates all of the graphics for packaging, trade shows, websites, and vendor usage. Adobe Creative Cloud for teams lets the Trojan Battery team easily access the latest versions of Adobe creative apps and store and share assets in the cloud. Plus, the company can activate licenses as needed to flexibly respond to demand.

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Designers are now more productive and collaborative while the IT team spends less time maintaining infrastructure. Additionally, Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries lets marketers link to assets, such as CAD drawings, data sheets, and product images. Teams can reuse assets across desktop and mobile projects without worrying that they’ll grab the wrong versions or delete or overwrite files by mistake.

“Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries is a lifesaver for us as designers because we can freely share assets without worrying that we’ll need to redo our work if someone edits a file,” says Sam H. Nguyen, Senior Graphic Designer, Trojan Battery Company. “Using linked assets, we also know that marketers are working with the latest versions of assets. We no longer spend time distributing assets to marketers, which is important for our small team because it allows us to focus on design to meet the needs of the entire company more effectively.”

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