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tutorials for After Effects and 3D by Dave Scotland

Dave Scotland provides a lot of great information about After Effects on his CG Swot website. He is especially keen on integrating 3D applications with After Effects and doing 3D compositing and animation in After Effects. His primary 3D application appears to be 3ds Max (3D Studio MAX), but a lot of what he shows is applicable to whatever 3D application you’re using. He also uses and demonstrates Trapcode plug-ins such as Particular, Starglow, and Shine.

One of the things that I like about Dave’s tutorials is that he uses 3D in just about every composition, showing that adding lights and shadows and camera moves to animations can, well, add a lot of depth and a whole new dimension to any animation.

Dave uses the Fractal Noise effect a lot, whether to create star fields, brushed metal, or other organic textures. The one thing that I’d recommend is to consider using the Turbulent Noise effect, instead. Turbulent Noise was new in After Effects CS4, and it was added to provide almost identical features but with higher performance and more natural dynamic animation.

He also uses masks on solid-color layers in places where I’d probably use shape layers. But there’s no arguing with his great results.

Here is a list of a few of the tutorials that I liked and what I found especially useful in each:

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