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Update about Edge Tools and Services

Adobe Edge Tools & Services were launched in 2012 as a way for Adobe to develop and experiment with a set of task-focused, lightweight apps for responsive web design, cross-browser testing and HTML5 animation. Web designers and developers have been receptive, but have consistently asked for tighter integration with our existing tools and workflows.

In order to focus our efforts and resources on implementing this feedback, Edge Reflow (preview), Edge Inspect and Edge Animate are no longer being actively developed. We will continue to work on bringing their core capabilities to our industry-leading creative tools, with ongoing support for open web standards. Here are some examples of the work that is already underway:

  • Dreamweaver recently combined innovative visual aids inspired by Edge Reflow with first-class support for the Bootstrap framework, making it the premier tool for responsive web design.
  • At our MAX conference in October, we announced responsive design will be coming to Adobe Muse, for designers who don’t want to code. Edge Reflow was also a key influence in this implementation of responsive design.
  • Device Preview in Photoshop and Dreamweaver makes it easy to preview and inspect websites or mobile app designs on actual devices, a key feature in Edge Inspect.
  • Flash Professional, our flagship vector animation tool (soon to be named Adobe Animate CC) was rewritten from the ground up over the past few years to natively support HTML5 Canvas and WebGL, while continuing to support Flash formats. It can also output to any format, such as SVG, with an extensible architecture.
  • In 2016, Dreamweaver will be integrating the open source editor Brackets to provide a fully modernized coding environment.

Edge Tools & Services will continue to be available for Creative Cloud members, and we will provide security updates and bug fixes as necessary.

We are excited about supporting next generation technologies and HTML5 capabilities in our flagship tools, with the ultimate goal of helping our customers achieve their goals on the web, mobile and beyond.


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  • By Peter Villevoye - 4:53 AM on December 1, 2015  

    Will the (free) set of Edge WebFonts also drop their “Edge” moniker ?

    • By Leah Walker - 5:06 PM on December 1, 2015  

      Hi Peter, Edge Fonts will continue with the same name. Thanks!

  • By David Jumeau - 6:13 AM on December 1, 2015  

    Makes sense to integrate all the extra tools into Dreamweaver CC. I find there are just too many tools out there to keep up with. However, a lot of the complaints were about Dreamweaver’s performance. Just wondering about that.

    Also, I like to see more integration with the command prompt by creating a snippets panel to provide calls to common tasks. For example, calling Grunt tasks to new builds including minification.

    Since you are integrating Brackets into the code, would there be the ability to create configuration files for code completion for JavaScript libraries like GreenSock, and CreateJS? Or perhaps to import .git file libraries to accomodate code completion, and help?

    Not quite sure about SASS support. I use the SCOUT AIR app for this.

    I also expect some kind of interoperability between Project Comet and Dreamweaver.



    • By Leah Walker - 5:07 PM on December 1, 2015  

      Hi David,
      The primary goals for Dreamweaver in 2016 are modernization and performance. For specific requests, please visit the features wishlist here, which the team monitors: