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July 10, 2015 /Milestones /

Update Available: Dreamweaver CC 2015 (16.0.1)

Today, we released a minor update for Dreamweaver that includes proxy server support. If your company is using a proxy server to access the Internet, Dreamweaver will no longer ask for your credentials. Please see our release notes for details.

We’ve also included the following bug fixes:

  • Improved performance when switching between dependent files on Macs
  • Eliminated sluggishness when adding CSS properties
  • Added class IDs are no longer removed when pressing the Tab key inside a style tag
  • Empty divs can be edited in Live View
  • With Device Preview, the Save dialog no longer appears multiple times for each device

To get the latest version, all you need to do is open the Creative Cloud desktop app and click “Update” next to Dreamweaver CC (2015).


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  • By Jeff - 4:10 PM on August 4, 2015  

    Latest updates have made code-folding useless to coders. For instance say I create a large string (I.e. for creating email content that I wish to send) in php. This is going to be a large string, which I’d love to just code-fold out of the way once created…so I can concentrate on coding, but as new code-folding is tag based, I can’t fold it out of the way. Also loads of bugs in way it works.. I couldn’t fold an if statement until I moved the opening bracket to a new line. Also make gutter a different background colour or put a thin line down edge of it to seperate it from the code. To be honest I’m in process of asking boss to replace CC at moment because this new code-folding is just making life difficult for no reason. Why tag based…? Seems like a really dumb idea to me…but what do I know, I’m only a coder!! Some other improvements are good, but this one is killing my productivity having ro scroll through mountains of code that usually I’d have all neatky folded away. Bad implementation. Very bad.

  • By Celso Pecuraro - 6:55 PM on August 14, 2015  

    The new code folding, instead of traditional collapse, is a bad bad idea from adobe in cc2015. Was a nice tool and very hepful until 2014. For me it’s impossible to use a code editor without versatile colapses. I use it too much. Dreamweaver is a tool for php programmers who need to collapse parts of code (not the open and close same tags like the new tool). any code editor top quality has this. If this tool don’t return, I will considering to change to another code editor.

  • By pippo - 3:46 PM on August 23, 2015  


  • By Celso Pecuraro - 5:36 PM on September 7, 2015  

    Hello Mr. Rich Lee.

    Will old Code Collapse (a great tool) returning or not? That tools was excluded in DW 2015 by the new folding (what is bad, ask for any programmer). This discussion is in all the world and in the Adobe forum. For example:

    For many programmes, the old way of collapse is very useful and helpfull. For me, I use to collapse any part of code, specially codes what have many lines (i´m talking scripts with 3k or more lines…). The new tool is very limited, only collapse parts of code inside a tag or brackets.

    Please we would like to see the old Code Collapse in the DreamWeaver CC2015 and in future versions.

    Remembering, who uses DreamWeaver are faithful people in the Adobe capacity of understand what the users need. We love Adobe and specially DreamWeaver but other editors are be considering.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • By voltball - 10:57 AM on September 8, 2015  

    Yeah, at this point the code collapse feature is pretty much a deal breaker for us.
    Everything about it is useless. Things like “you can only fold every second else block unless you start at the bottom block because once you collapse a block, there’s two blocks in one line and you can only have one triangle indicator per line” is gawking bad interface design. What Were They Thinking kind of bad.

    Coders need hotkeys to collapse selected code. End of discussion.

    Dreamweaver had it, and removed it. Is Dreamweaver reverting to only a tool for designers? Then my company who have only been using the code view for 10 years, need to change tools.

  • By Anonymous Helper - 11:21 AM on October 17, 2015  

    Still no code-folding fix? Seriously!!