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November 30, 2016 /

Update for the 2017 release of Audition CC now available

Audition CC 2017 update now available!

Audition CC (2017) update now available!

The Audition team strives to make each release stable and as bug-free as software can be.  That said, every once in awhile something can slip by or sneak in just before release.  The latest release was one of those once in awhiles.  Today, we’ve posted an update to Creative Cloud that fixes these bugs.  If you ran into one of the following problems, please update ASAP.  If you haven’t seen these bugs, please update anyways! 🙂

Bad waveform! No cookie!

Bad waveform! No cookie!

  • Waveform may “flatten” after an edit, restoring when zooming or switching files
  • Crash may occur when exporting a session with media which contains a video file
  • “Save As” path defaults to last used location, not source media location.  (For last-used location, use File > Export)
  • Performance of level meters dramatically improved when adjusting parameters
  • Missing effect presets for updated effects
  • Bounce Bus to New Track output may be incorrect

Also, if you haven’t yet tried it out, Audition CC offers a new, in-app educational experience with guided walkthroughs for common tasks.  Learn the basics of Audition, how to reduce background noise, or even start your own podcast with the Audition Learn panel, located under Help > Audition Learn.  And check back often as we’ll be adding new tutorials on a regular basis which will help even the most novice of users achieve incredible sound.

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  • By Аdam - 2:51 PM on November 30, 2016  

    Hello! I can translate into Ukrainian Audition CC
    Are you interested in cooperation?

  • By Will Findlay - 6:13 PM on December 6, 2016  

    Thank you! that waveform flattening thing was driving me crazy. I thought my computer was low on resources or something.

  • By Andrew Parnell - 5:41 PM on December 25, 2016  

    For Dialogue Editors, it would be nice to be able to have a visible clip board with playback ability for each cut you’ve made so you can preview takes alongside each other and reorganise to suit the story then drag back down to the timeline. This along with bins, would be wonderful. Currently, Adobe Audition is still not quite there for Sound Editors and requires further development.