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July 13, 2010 /Region of Interest /

updated After Effects Help, and I’m now in Technical Support

I just updated the following Help documents:

Now would be a good time to grab a fresh copy of the PDF version, which you can do from the top of any page of the HTML versions linked to above.

I incorporated information and corrections from several hundred comments. We really appreciate it when you add comments to the pages of Help on the Web to give some additional information, links to tutorials, corrections, et cetera. (One thing that comments on the Help pages aren’t good for is questions that are better suited for the user-to-user forums.)

By the way, this was my last act as documentation lead for After Effects (which I have been for several years), Adobe Media Encoder (which I have been for several months), and Premiere Pro (which I have been for a few weeks).

I’m now in Adobe Technical Support, focusing on providing online technical support for these same applications. So, you’ll see plenty of me if you spend any time on our forums. Now more than ever I will be trying to help y’all solve problems with using these applications and trying to make sure that your feedback gets to the right place. With that in mind, please read this post about how to send feedback and communicate with us. We really want to help, and we really want your feedback, but it’s crucial that it come through the right channels so that the right people can see it.

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