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Use Design To Transform Your Sales Experience

Does design impact your ability to sell? According to a recent Adobe study, two thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. That first impression may be what captures their attention and keeps them moving through the sales process. Statistica notes that companies have just eight seconds to grab a prospective customer’s attention before they move on to something else.

As brands look for strategies to attract customers and increase sales, design is an underutilized tool that can make the sales process more effective. Here’s a closer look at how you can use design to transform the sales experience.

Grab Your Customers’ Attention and Show Them You’re Different.

One of the most important things design does in the sales process is help your content stand out from the sea of competitors. In every field, there’s a wide variety of choices. Your design helps tell the market what your company does and why your brand is right for them. For example, if a customer is shopping for a creative agency, they will want to understand your overall aesthetic by reviewing your marketing materials. Are you quirky, edgy, corporate, or minimalist? Design in sales materials should be eye catching and help to immediately communicate relevance to your target buyers. Think about your branding, colors, imagery, and layouts as a way to speak directly to the people you’re trying to reach.

Build Trust with Consistent Branding.

Buyers do business with companies they trust. Often, they’re looking for signals that a business is established, professional, and reliable. Consistent branding helps cultivate that trust. The Harvard Business Review noted that consistency in branding is essential to building trust in the market. From a consistent look and feel across all of your customer communications, to a thoughtful design that calls attention to the issues your customers care about most, design shapes how the market sees your company. Poor design can undermine many good interactions between prospects and your sales team; by contrast, good design helps reinforce the positive impressions you’re building through other interactions. Use design to project a consistent brand in your sales collateral and help build trust with prospective customers.

Use Design to Move Buyers Through Their Journey and Drive Conversion

Your sales tools should be designed to move a prospective buyer to the next stage in the process. For example, a potential customer lands on your website and is directed to a specific product page where they can buy. Or, a customer downloads a white paper on your services and is guided to a contact form to reach out to sales. The buying process is a journey, and design helps signpost what step a customer should take next. Ask yourself how your design choices can help move prospects to action — do the branding, colors, and layout convey the right message to encourage customers to take the next step? Are you directing the customer’s eyes through a logical sequence? Is there a clear, easily identifiable next step?

Evoke Emotion with Great Design.

Psychology Today notes that emotion is a key driver in all of our decisions — especially buying decisions. Marketers and designers can think of design as a powerful tool to help connect with customers’ emotions. What do you want customers to think about when they see your website or sales brochure? From boutique hotel ads that promise tropical escapes and relaxation, to an accounting website that immediately conveys order and streamlined processes, design choices can help drive an emotional response from your buyers.

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