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February 23, 2017 /Member Stories /

Using Adobe Add-ons as a Freelance Designer

Adobe tools, like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, are some of the most widely used, comprehensive creative tools out there for design teams. Many designers, like freelancer Stacy Trager from IdeaWorks Design, rely on Creative Cloud as their primary tool for their businesses. Adobe add-ons, easy to download integrations that live directly in our creative tools, are a vital part to their businesses, helping them optimize their productivity and streamline their workflow.

Stacy, who runs a brand and print design company, began to run into a few problems as she grew her business. As a mother, she needed her workflow to become more mobile and efficient as her children grew, but she also wanted to maintain the quality of experience for her clients and ensure they were getting the most value. Stacy began to use a few Adobe add-ons, such as GoProof, an online proofing tool, Extensis, a font system, and Spectrr, for adding specs to a design. Being able to access these creative and business tools right within her Photoshop or Illustrator screen was one of the primary draws.

Sending proofs used to be a complicated time suck in Stacy’s day. She used to spend almost an hour a day reviewing creative documents with clients and responding to emails. With GoProof’s simple, intuitive proofing tool that connects directly to her favorite design tools, Stacy was able to become 20-30% more efficient. Stacy said, “My clients have given me phenomenal feedback on the new proofing process with GoProof, but what I love most is that when I get feedback on a proof I can open that plugin right in my palettes. I can read the feedback and make the change all in one screen.”

As a mainly print designer, Stacy has over 5,000 fonts in her system and the Extensis add-on gave her a quick way to find what font she needs, when she needs it. A large part of Stacy’s business is also signage, which requires specific dimensions in proofs and permits. Specctr made this process much more simple for Stacy. These integrations that live directly in Adobe Creative Cloud desktop tools saved Stacy time and effort that could be better spent on design work.

Through the use of Adobe add-ons, Stacy was able to stay competitive as a small business and give herself more time doing what she loves — designing.

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