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A Designer’s Dream: How UX Designer Jason Robinson is Using Award-Winning Comp CC to Create “Legitimate Magic”

Adobe Comp CC was designed from the ground up with the designer in mind: an easy, intuitive way to create layouts and wireframes right there on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro. We wanted to give creative professionals the power and the freedom to turn their ideas into real layouts and assets on the go,  and the response has been hugely positive. Now it’s official: Apple has named Comp CC one of the best apps of 2015.

What makes Comp CC a designer’s best friend? We asked UX and graphic designer Jason Robinson. He creates print and online content for Northern Arizona University. He’s breaking into the video game world too: taking over as the UI designer and art director for Bot Land, a browser-based game set for release in 2017.

“It’s very freeing, it’s very light”

For years, Jason wanted to be liberated from his laptop at work. He bought an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil and decided to try Comp CC. It’s a combination he calls “legitimate magic,” allowing him to design and explore ideas  wherever he wants. In many ways, he says it’s replaced sketching on paper.

January Email Process

“When I have an idea in my mind, I can use Comp CC and experience the freedom of being able to lay out everything just with natural  gestures. And I’m able to take that thing I made and build on it later . Now to be able to do that all together is magical.”

He says Comp CC is the app he’s been looking for a LONG time.

“Nothing has ever worked for me, until now”Bot Land Layout

It’s been a long quest to find an app that fits into his workflow, but Jason says Comp CC is a dream come true.

“The type of design work that involves laying out the design of a page, placing content…there’s never been anything like that. I’ve downloaded a dozen apps over the years that have tried to do that and they’ve all been really clunky and terrible . So it’s really exciting for me to have that direct manipulation, easy interaction brought to layout design.”

He’s not at all surprised Comp CC picked up an Apple ‘Best of 2015’ award, especially since it works perfectly with the Adobe desktop apps he uses to deliver high-quality creations to his clients.

“It feels so good to be able to instantly change the size of the text I’m working on, or select things and move them out of the way. Manipulating things that are already there feels really right…I’m sure that’s what Apple has picked up on.”

“Little delightful moments that catch you off guard”

Jason says the intuitive gestures in Comp CC’s touchscreen environment have made it easy and enjoyable to design, and re-design, and re-design again.   He loves working in an agile environment that makes it fun and easy to explore ideas and try different layouts until it’s time to send his concept to Adobe inDesign for final touches.

Misery Reach

“That scribble gesture to erase something: it’s exactly what it says on the tin. The first time you do that without thinking about it, when you don’t want something there and it just goes away. There’s these little moments like that where the organic gesture connects so deeply with the feature you’re trying to perform. Moments you think: oh that’s exactly what I wanted to do, and I didn’t have to think about.”

Curious how Comp CC can work for you from inspiration to production? Download Comp CC here.



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