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Victory Medal Tutorial for Illustrator CC

With all eyes feverishly following the Summer Games, there’s no better time for an easy step-by-step tutorial of how to create the ultimate symbol of victory – the medal – on Illustrator CC.

1) Setting up.

For this project we are going to use a 1920 x 1080 pixel, RGB document.

2) Creating the medal. 

Create a circle using the Ellipse tool (shortcut: “L”). Hold the “shift” key down to make it nice and round – otherwise it will be oval.


Fill the circle in black and duplicate it with the selection tool (V), pressing the “alt” key and dragging it to the side (you can hold the “shift” key at the same time to move the shape at the same horizontal position as the other one).


With this second circle, we are going to make the inside of the medal, so we need to make it smaller than the black one. Use the Selection tool (V) to drag one corner inside holding the “shift” key (if you don’t press the shift key it will be a smaller, but oval).


Select both circles with the Selection tool (V) then go to the Align tool and select “Align to artboard”. With this selected, we can align it horizontally and vertically.


So now that we have the ellipse complete we are going to make the top part of the medal.

Create a rectangle with the Rectangle tool (M) and send it to the back (right click and select “Arrange” / “Send to back”). Create a second small rectangle to put inside the first rectangle (in order to make the cut-out). Then select both, and go to the pathfinder window and select “Subtract from Shape Area.” This will create a cut out.


3) Creating the straps.

Make a long vertical rectangle with the Rectangle tool (M). Select the object and click the Scale tool panel, and select the Shear tool. Grab one side of the rectangle and drag it to the side holding the “Shift” key. In this case, we want it at a -15° shear angle. With the Direct selection tool (A), grab the left upper corner of the rectangle, and take it down a few pixels. This will help us to connect the stripes together later on.


4) Connect the straps.

With the first strap ready, we are going to duplicate it grabbing the Selection tool (V) and then drag it to the side holding the “all” key to duplicate (you can hold down the “shift” key at the same time to make it straight). With the Selection tool (V), pick up the second stripe and right click “Transform / Reflect,” and select on the vertical option. With this ready, align the bottom of the two stripes together.

To finish the stripes, make another rectangle for the back of the strap. With the Direct selection tool (A) and drag the upper corner of the path to the inside to meet the vertical straps.


5) Put it all together. 

So now we have all our parts for construction: the medal, the strap and the numbers. (For the number we chose “Acumin Pro” font from Adobe Typekit CC on Ultra black style and typed out 1, 2 and 3). We also picked out a color scheme for the gold medal.


Next, we need to put it all together selecting the rights colors for each part and then we can add some highlights and shadows.

6) Adding details.

To add textures to the medal, we’ll make a line texture for the stripes, and a dot pattern for the gold.

Make a red vertical line using the Pen tool (P). Hold the “alt” key to make the line straight. Then with the Selection tool (M), drag it to the side holding the “alt” + “shift” key to duplicate the line, and immediately after that press “cmd” + “D” key, this will copy the line in the same direction. Press it as many times as needed (23 times to get 25 lines, for example).

Select all the stripes with the Selection tool (V) and group it together (“cmd”+ “G”). Then copy one of the red stripe paths of our medal, and paste it on the side of the lines. With the Selection tool (V) grab one corner of the lines to rotate just at the same angle as the red stripe path. Put the red stripe over the lines. (Make sure that the stripe path is placed on the top of the layers. You can do this clicking on the path with the right button and go to “Arrange” / “Bring to front”). Select all with the Selection tool (V), and press “cmd” + ”7” to make a clipping mask of the lines into the red stripe path. Duplicate, and put the line texture into the red stripe path.


For the metal texture, we are going to repeat the same steps of the lines, but with little gold dots to be placed inside the ellipse.


Finally, you can change the colors of the metals and the numbers to make the 2nd and the 3rd place medals.


There you have it, three nice medals ready to use in any format, size and colors! Always remember to organize your layers (by name) and group the paths for a better use.


If you want additional inspiration for your own medals, check out more vectors on Adobe Stock.

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