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Video Template: Share a Talent

Apply your learning by creating a video about your creative life for the next #MadeWithClip challenge: Creative Process!

How do you get someone to talk about their talents, hobbies, or work on video?  Try filming them in their element, and getting lots of footage of their talent in action as well as supporting visuals like the tools or accessories that they use as part of their work.

This video is a great example of a short biopic with lots of dynamic shots:

Ready to create your own? The template video below outlines tips for framing like the Rule of Thirds and using a variety of shot distances.

While this particular example is about “Sharing a Talent”, this is a good recipe for conducting interviews, with plenty of B-roll (supplemental footage) that brings the story to life.Use it as a jumping off point, and then share your own #MadeWithClip video!

For more tips on conducting interviews, check out this post.



Have you created a video where someone shared about their creative or professional work? Send us the link to your publicly published video, or tell us about it in the comments below!


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