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Wait, do I need a paid Creative Cloud subscription to use Clip?

Some folks have asked us if a paid Creative Cloud membership is required to use and benefit from Premiere Clip. The simple answer is no.

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You do need an Adobe ID to use Clip, but it’s free, and you can sign up right within the app. Using your Adobe ID makes it possible to upload and share finished videos and to work with your videos across multiple devices. It also means you can choose clips, images, and audio files you have stored on Creative Cloud to include in your videos.

And note,  if you already have a Creative Cloud membership—either free or full—your published Premiere Clip videos never count against your Creative Cloud account’s storage space!

The videos you upload in Premiere Clip are each published to a stand-alone web page at no charge to you; if you embed the videos in another site, the experience is clean so the focus stays on your content. And in addition to sharing links to your video through social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can also save your finished .mov files to YouTube or to the camera roll on your device—all thanks to the creative profile that is part of your Adobe ID.

But of course, with a full Creative Cloud membership, you gain access to all of Adobe’s professional creative tools. If you want to take your video to Adobe Premiere Pro for further advanced editing, it’s easy to upload your project from Premiere Clip as a set of asset files to Creative Cloud, open the XML file from your project in Premiere Pro, and go.


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  • By Luis C - 9:23 AM on February 19, 2016  

    I have a creative cloud account, have Premiere Clip, latest version and cannot by any means find the way to add audio clips from my creative library. I would appreciate so much a how-to on that subject. Thanks

    • By Bronwyn Lewis - 9:53 AM on February 19, 2016  

      Hi Luis, Thanks for your feedback. For now, any audio tracks you’d like to add to a Premiere Clip project must be stored on your device. For iOS, this means they must be synced to your iTunes Library, and for Android, this means they need to be in the device’s music storage.