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Want to go to MAX, but need to convince your boss?

So you’re ready to sign up for MAX, but now you need to ask your manager. No worries. We’ve put together a helpful letter that outlines why your attendance at MAX would be a good investment. Just copy and paste the letter below into an email and you’re halfway there.

Dear (insert boss’s name)

I’d like to attend Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, from November 2-4 in San Diego. MAX is the annual gathering of over 9,000 creative leaders, designers, developers, strategists, video pros, and photographers.

Here are the reasons I’d like to attend and the ways our organization could benefit:

  • I’ll learn from the experts — MAX sessions and labs are taught by the best in our industry. I can attend sessions that are directly related to the job I do and I’ll learn from real-world case studies of success.
  • I’ll get inspired to produce better work — I’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking about our projects and see some of the coolest, boundary-pushing work out there.
  • I’ll become more productive — I’ll get hands-on training to learn new tools, techniques and product features that streamline my workflows and allow me to work more quickly and efficiently — saving time and money.
  • I’ll learn more about the creative industry — At MAX we’ll be exploring ideas around how creativity is changing the world, and the role that our company can play in this creative economy.
  • I’ll learn from my colleagues — MAX attendees come from organizations (small and large) from all over the world. I’ll be able to exchange ideas and get solutions to the challenges our organization is facing.

I believe MAX is worth the investment. It’s the one conference where I can learn about industry trends, get exposure to new products and technology, and kick start my creativity all at once.

You can learn more about MAX at


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