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July 15, 2011 /After Effects /

We need YOU!

I get a huge amount of email from passionate AE users asking for improvements, new features etc.  I also get several emails from folks who aren’t exactly happy with decisions we’ve made in terms of supporting this or that, or what we haven’t done right etc.

It’s a very cool thing.  You send me this stuff because you CARE.  That is HUGE.

Many also ask how to get more involved.

Here’s one way.  It’s called the “Product Improvement Program”.  (Click: Help –>Product Improvement Program from within AE)

First off – I know this all sounds very formal, and yes – Adobe is a big company.  But this information is a BIG DEAL when it comes time for us to make tough decisions.

Here’s what happens.  AE will anonymously (ANONYMOUSLY!) send data about which functions (ie – effects) you used in AE to a server here at Adobe.  It will also send info about any errors you encounter, what types of formats you export and import and so on.  There is NO information about you or your project that is collected.  If you would tell us via the form what type of work you do, and size of company – that gives us just enough info on who and where AE is being used.

Why is this important?  Myself and my peers on the AE team look at this data almost on a weekly basis as we try and make decisions that we think you will care about.  This data is a HUGE help.

Here is a link to the FAQ on what we store and how: Adobe Product Improvement Program

Therefore,  PLEASE say ‘Yes – participate!’ when you select Help –>Product Improvement Program within AE.

After that – please keep the emails, forum posts, blogs, tweets coming.  The great, good, bad and ugly – all are welcome as they help us make better software.


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