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July 9, 2015 /

Web Design Inspired by Nature, Captured with Mobile Apps

Alexander McQueen got it right when the late fashion designer said, “There is no better designer than nature.”

Nature has inspired some of life’s greatest work. From electricity towers, which were inspired by the complexities and inner networks of beehives, to Banksy’s street art, which often strategically incorporates natural elements such as trees into the designs, nature has a way of not only changing the way humans see things, but communicating messages in unspoken ways.

Nature influencing design is nothing new, but as web design continues to evolve, designers are able to incorporate this wild inspiration into their work in new ways. The easy part is simply paying attention to the beauty that appears naturally all around us. The hard part is capturing it and turning it into a gorgeous, practical design.

Thankfully, mobile devices are making that easier. Here are six free mobile apps that can help you create anywhere so you can more easily make nature your muse.

For Those Who See Patterns In Butterfly Wings

Natural shapes exist all around us. Imagine being able to instantly turn them into vector images? Adobe Shape CC allows you to snap a picture and automatically convert it into a graphic that can be edited and refined. Like all of the apps mentioned in this article, images can be saved to your Creative Cloud library for easy access and editing once you get back to your computer. So whether it’s the webs found in butterfly wings, or the circles found in collections of stones, this imagery can be used to reimagine your next design.


Platform: iOS, Android

For Those Who Like To Draw

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting on a park bench sketching the world around you, then the following two apps are for you. Adobe Photoshop Sketch allows you to sketch on your iPad with your finger or a stylus, allowing for a natural transition from sketch to design. No need to bring your art supplies. This app comes with a variety of (digital) built in mediums, including graphic pencil, ink pens, and blending markers, as well as several brushes. Sketches can then easily be imported into Photoshop for finessing.

Point Bonita By Kendall Plant

If vector images are more your style, Illustrator Draw is similar, but instead it’s designed for crisp, clean lines. One of the cool parts about this app is its shape integration feature, which allows you to import your Shapes into Draw, creating intricate work on the go.


Platform for Photoshop Sketch: iPad

Platform for Illustrator Draw: iOS

For Those Who Know The Importance of The Right Brush

Sometimes the difference between a good design and a great design is the subtle use of the right brush. Adobe Brush works similarly to Shape. It allows you to turn what you see into a custom brush simply by taking a picture. Brushes can then be further customized and stylized until you get the brush that’s right for your design.


Platform: iOS, Android

For A Whole World of Color

Did stunning colors capture your eye? Adobe Color allows you to snap a photo and convert it into to both color themes and interactive color wheels that can then be used in Photoshop and Illustrator. So when you find that perfect color among the brilliant hues of a peacock’s feathers, for example, snap away and use this app to get the exact shade you’re looking for.


Platform: iOS, Android

For Those Who See The Big Picture

When inspiration strikes, it’s important to act immediately. Adobe Comp CC is an integrated app that allows you to draw and map out layouts and text so you never miss a moment of inspiration again. Pull additional graphics and images from your Creative Cloud Library to make more comprehensive mockups on the go, and then easily send these layouts to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for editing. It’s the easiest way to seamlessly turn nature’s inspiration into a working design.

comp cc

Platform: iPad

Inspired By Nature

When you see something outside that speaks to you, these apps are there to help you convert nature’s beauty into workable files. As long as you have a Creative Cloud account, your options with these apps are limitless.

To download these apps and more, visit Adobe’s mobile apps page. For examples of what other designers have created with these apps, check out portfolios on Behance.