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Welcome Victoria Nece to her new role.

I am quite pleased—thrilled, actually—to announce that Victoria Nece has accepted a job at Adobe as “Product Manager for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics”. This job includes the primary responsibility of being product manager for After Effects and Character Animator. As a veteran professional user of After Effects, both as an animator and as a creator of extensions for After Effects, Victoria is perfectly suited to represent the needs of After Effects users and lead the development of this application through its next phase of life.

Of course, some of you may recognize that this job that she’s moving into is my job. Yep. I’ve decided to tackle some very different challenges, so I’ll be stepping away from software development. I’m sure that I’ll still be using After Effects a lot, so I’m glad that I’m leaving this valuable tool in the hands of someone who will be serving the needs that I’ll have as a user.

Victoria will be starting in this new role in January 2016, and we’ll work together for a few months to get her ramped up before I move on. I’m still the right person to contact for After Effects product management questions and concerns through January 2016, but after that I’ll be passing more of these responsibilities on to Victoria until the hand-off is complete in March 2016.

As I’ve said before, finding the After Effects team meant finding the best possible place for me within the software development industry. Thank you, again, to the entire After Effects team for taking me in. And thank you, members of the After Effects community of users, for being such an engaged, creative, nerdy, helpful group of people. You’ve given me a lot over the past 11 years.

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  • By Jordan Lloyd - 7:00 PM on November 20, 2015  

    Thanks for all your hard work Todd!

  • By Eran Stern - 7:19 PM on November 20, 2015  

    Goodbye Todd, we’ll miss you dearly.
    Good Luck Victoria, and welcome to the pleasuredome 🙂

  • By Maltaannon - 3:25 AM on November 21, 2015  

    Sorry to see you go Todd. Hope you’ll find what you are looking for. I’m sure it’s been quite a ride. And welcome Victoria. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into 🙂 Good luck. 🙂

  • By Jarle Leirpoll - 3:41 PM on November 21, 2015  

    Thank for all the great things you’ve done for After Effects, Todd! Good luck with your new endeavors.

    Welcome Victoria!

  • By Henry Webb - 3:36 PM on November 22, 2015  

    Todd. Haven’t seen eye to eye with you on many things but wish you all the best.

  • By Brian Fox - 9:04 PM on November 22, 2015  

    Good luck Todd! Welcome Victoria!

  • By Randy Tinfow - 3:03 AM on November 23, 2015  

    Thanks, Todd, for an amazing run of product advocacy and development. Good luck!

  • By Anders Sundstedt - 7:03 AM on November 23, 2015  

    Thank you Todd and good luck with your new challenges. Welcome Victoria to your new role look forward to find out about your work.

  • By Joost van der Hoeven - 1:29 PM on November 25, 2015  

    Yay fresh blood in the Plabt! Hurray for Victoria. But, Todd, your documentation skill will be sorely missed. I do hope the Adobe will find someone that can even stand next to you as far as blogs, explanations and frankly teaching of Ae and all things DVA… See you on the interwebs!