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We’ve created an Animal

Project Animal was shown in our sneak peek at MAX. If you missed it or want to see it again, check it out here.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the Advanced Product Development team who work closely with the After Effects team has been working on a character animation product code-named Project Animal. While your character is the puppet, you are the one holding the strings. By accessing your computer’s webcam, Project Animal will track the movement of your head, mouth, and eyes—including your blinking, glancing, and eye-brow raising—and move your puppet accordingly. When you talk, your character talks. When you feign surprise, so does your character. When you’re grumpy, your character is too.

Project Animal is for two different types of After Effects artists: those who want to rig complex characters without creating a confusing tangle of expressions, and those who just want to create simple characters easily. Either way, once the character is set up, bringing it to life is just a matter of acting out your performance in front of your webcam.

The workflow starts with importing layered Illustrator or Photoshop files. If the layers are named to indicate which body part they correspond to, then there’s no further rigging required – you can immediately control your puppet with your face.

I know you’re excited. We are too. However before we can bring Project Animal to market, we need a few people that can really help us work out a few wrinkles. While we’d love to give everyone a chance to use Project Animal, we on the team can only handle so many people putting it through its paces. If you or your company can possibly use Project Animal immediately in your workflow and can commit to giving us feedback on a regular basis, we would love for you to submit your application to test Project Animal.

In the meantime, thanks for wanting to know more about Project Animal. We look forward to shipping it!

Sr. Marketing Manager, After Effects

Character Animator