Adobe Creative Cloud

What is MAX?

It’s difficult to sum up MAX in just a few sentences, but we thought we’d give it a go.

MAX is a 5-day creativity conference, sponsored by Adobe. MAX brings together over 9,000 of the world’s top creatives — it’s the fastest growing creativity conference. MAX features over 200 sessions and labs taught by Adobe product experts as well as top designers, illustrators, web and app developers, photographers and video professionals. MAX includes keynote sessions where you can hear about industry trends and Adobe’s product plans; a variety of networking events; and a community pavilion with partner booths, maker’s fair experiences and a chance to talk with the Adobe product teams.

What makes MAX different from other creative conferences? MAX is the only conference where you can have direct access to the people who build the creative tools you work with every day. And it’s a two-way street: Adobe product designers want to hear from you so they can continue to evolve the products in ways that matter to you.

Digital Imaging, Events, Illustration & Drawing, Motion Graphics & Animation, Photography, UX/UI Design, Video Editing