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April 12, 2016 /Video Editing /

What’s Coming Next in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Encoder CC

Today we’re thrilled to be revealing what’s coming next to our professional video and audio desktop applications, with new features coming to Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects. All of these new releases will be available to Creative Cloud members later this year, and will be demonstrated at the forthcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.23.05 AM

New Media Management features in both Premiere Pro and Media Encoder give you much greater control over the handling of your files during the ingest process, and allow for more flexibility when working with very large media. You can set Premiere Pro to copy media to a specific location on your machine as it imports, and even begin editing immediately while your media copies in the background. If your workflow requires a transcode, you can easily set Premiere Pro or Media Encoder to handle that step for you too.

This release of Premiere Pro also brings support for more native formats than ever including 6K and 8K files from the RED Weapon camera. For times when the media you need to work with is heavier than your system can manage – for example, when you want to work on a lightweight portable device – you can now generate proxies on ingest, automatically associating them with the native full-resolution media. A single click lets you toggle between full-res and proxy.

6 - PR Secondaries, affected

New features in the Lumetri color panel and Lumetri scopes allow you to be more creative with color than ever. New HSL Secondaries allow for quick, intuitive selection of color ranges within a shot, getting the perfect nuance with a few clicks. And the entire collection of beautiful SpeedLooks linear looks help give your media instant personality. Support for color control surfaces like the Tangent Elements, Wave and Ripple enable even advanced colorists to feel right at home, and enhanced Lumetri scopes give instant feedback, with new control over brightness, improved resolution, and support for monitoring Rec2020 colorspace.

7 - VR Field of View

Responding to the enormous excitement around immersive video experiences, Premiere Pro offers powerful support for VR Video workflows. You can import equi-rectangular stitched video media and – with a click of a button in the monitors – enter VR Video mode, which allows you to use pan and tilt controls to preview the experience inside the sphere. You can even click-drag directly on the video clip and freely pan around so you know what your viewer would be seeing when looking in a given direction. When you’re ready to share, you can easily add a metadata flag to ensure you’ll get the full panoramic experience on supported sites like YouTube and Facebook.


Alongside the new media management, transcode and proxy generation capabilities listed above, Adobe Media Encoder contains multiple new features, including the addition of the familiar Media Browser, and a new Publish to Twitter feature for easy sharing with your followers.

There’s plenty more to come in the next release of Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC and we’re eager to get them in your hands soon.

Learn more about enhancements coming to Adobe Creative Cloud pro video and audio tools. And join us at NAB Show 2016 – Booth: SL-SL3910 –  April 18-21 to see demonstrations of these features in action.

Because this is a sneak peek, you won’t have access to these new features quite yet. Become a Creative Cloud member now to be sure you can get them as soon as they’re available. For more information about Creative Cloud, see this overview video and the Creative Cloud FAQ list.


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  • By Peter Baker - 8:25 AM on April 13, 2016  

    Hey, Al!

    Along with these improvements, are there going to be basic improvements, such as a smooth cross dissolve? As of this writing, the ramp at the end of the dissolve goes from 10% opacity straight down to 0% opacity. Also, are you going to fix the page turn to make it…well, more like a human page turn?

    Peter Baker
    Senior Editor
    LEC Media

    • By Al Mooney - 2:53 PM on April 13, 2016  

      Hi Peter

      Does ‘composite in linear color’ in the preferences get you what you want? No plans to update page turn this release I’m afraid.


      • By Rollo Wenlock - 5:11 PM on April 13, 2016  

        I love how you guys and gals are cracking out fantastic new updates super fast! Personally, i’m excited about the advancements in color correcting/grading.

    • By Brett S - 9:59 PM on April 16, 2016  

      Try going into the sequence settings and turning OFF composite in linear color space.

  • By Clark B - 9:34 AM on April 13, 2016  

    “Support for control surfaces!!!!” This makes Lumetri usable for REAL color grading by real colorists. Can you provide more detail? Is Speedgrade EOL? I do like the 4 levels of LGG control, would be great if that was available in Lumetri at some point.

    • By Al Mooney - 2:54 PM on April 13, 2016  

      The only detail I can provide at this stage is it works with the Lumetri panel and we focused our effort on the three Tangent devices.


  • By Gilberto Balderas - 12:31 PM on April 13, 2016  

    Totally awesome, see you at NAB

  • By Aaron - 2:10 PM on April 13, 2016  

    Hi Al!

    Is there any possible way to get a preview/beta version of the VR workflow? Currently doing a VR project the hard way and would LOVE to have this capability.

    A long shot I know. Worth a try.

  • By Tim Burton - 3:36 AM on April 14, 2016  

    Proxy awareness is very cool, hopefully Enzo and co have support for it to….

  • By Jamal - 5:51 AM on April 14, 2016  

    Hi Al…. I really appreciate your effort to update and move the adobe suit apps to the next level always but I have a question… Are you guys going to fix the “Wrap Stabilizer” effect as it’s ignores and cancels the process of the stabilizing even after I apply it and make sure that it’s done and then later I get the blue bar on the exported video asking to stabilize the video again!!!

  • By Julien - 11:02 AM on April 14, 2016  

    Would that mean one can create dnxHD proxies on a pc, without having Avid for instance?
    On a mac, one can easily create ProRes versions of uncompressed avis, .tif sequences and .dpx I guess.

    Also what if one opens the project later down the line with the HD proxies only available (say DnXHD 1K) instead of the uncompressed HD original files? Could the project open easily still, with the possibility to render from that?
    Would subsequent re-linking with the originals (if they still existed) be possible and easy, as another example case?

  • By James Heffernan - 2:33 AM on April 15, 2016  

    Awesome new features guys, I would however love to see improvements to the Network rendering in AE and AME as well as improvements to the render preview. I would say most would agree, that its way better to have a great system that does the basics right, than a system with loads of ‘cool’ features lacking the basics.

  • By David - 7:12 AM on April 15, 2016  

    That’s all well and good, but I hope we finally get rid of bugs, that are around for quite a while.
    “serious errors” which I experience by simple tasks like extending clips or transform changes, right click and play stop working, and Lumetri slows everything down.
    Aside that, I’m looking forward for the release, thanks Adobe!

    • By Rogue Robot - 5:33 AM on April 17, 2016  

      I absolutely agree with this.
      I keep saying it – new features are great but if premiere crashes everytime I drag a clip to the timeline because I have in and out markers, the that rather affects basic functionality. That’s not to mention the many other terrible bugs in both Prem and Afx.

  • By Duke Sweden - 7:40 AM on April 18, 2016  

    There’s an audio glitch that has been present in AME for years now that is yet to be fixed. When exporting, if there is video at the end of a clip that extends further than the audio, even blank video such as a fadeout, the audio will repeat the last second or so, over and over, until the end of the video is reached. This doesn’t happen if you export using Premiere Pro. It’s been known for years because I learned the workaround from the adobe forum.

    Is this going to be fixed in the next version?

    • By Phil Eastabrook - 1:03 PM on May 4, 2016  

      Yes! Please fix this one! You can get around it but its so annoying!

  • By Charlie Brittz - 5:50 AM on April 19, 2016  

    For Premiere Pro:

    1. If media gets deleted accidentally or on purpose, why does the clip disappear from the timeline?
    2. Can we get rid of the duplicated media when collaborating?

    For Encoder:

    1. Please can you add the option to change the output destination for multiple clips?

  • By Mike Ferguson - 5:08 AM on April 20, 2016  

    Have you links showing the workflow of the F55 with Premiere for motion picture editing.

  • By Pablo - 9:10 AM on April 22, 2016  

    AL: Thank you to finally add proxy capabilities (low resolution version files). I want to be able to edit 4K in my notebook. (macbook pro retina)

  • By Matthew - 10:09 AM on April 24, 2016  

    Please give me the option to turn off Haptic Feedback on the new MacBook Pros. It really freaks me out and feels like I have arthritis feeling it rattle my fingerbones.

  • By Jeff Deel - 4:30 PM on May 2, 2016  

    Will there be support for the new ARRIRAW/MXF format that the Alexa Mini uses?