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April 1, 2014 /Announcements /

What’s coming next in SpeedGrade CC

A lot has changed since SpeedGrade became part of the Adobe CC family. Innovations like the Direct Link workflow with Premiere Pro, introduced at IBC 2013, have transformed the color workflow and changed the way editors and colorists collaborate to deliver unique looks and consistent color correction. With the next major update we’re introducing a number of great new features that refine the Direct Link experience. Additionally, we’re introducing new broadcast-standard scopes, answering to the fast-growing community of SpeedGrade users in broadcast and corporate production (see what’s new in this SpeedGrade overview video).

 Improved Direct Link experience

Full control over all tracks in your sequence
While we remain adamant about never changing an edit in while you are in SpeedGrade, a couple of items stood out in the user feedback we collected in the last six months. It was clear that turning adjustment layers on and off in SpeedGrade is crucial to a fast and efficient workflow between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade. In the new release, you can do that by clicking the eye icon in front of each track. In fact, you can show or hid any type of track this way. That will be handy when titling is already integrated with your sequence, but you wanted to focus on the footage instead. It will also be helpful when multiple video tracks are present but you only wanted to see one at a time.

SpeedGrade CC continues to evolve with an improved Direct Link workflow for even easier integration with Premiere Pro

SpeedGrade CC continues to evolve with an improved Direct Link workflow for even easier integration with Premiere Pro

Lumetri Effect Control
A long awaited feature is finally here: you can now turn an entire grading layer stack on and off with one click. This new feature works exactly the same as the FX control in Premiere Pro. That also means you can turn Lumetri FX on even if it was previously disabled in Premiere Pro, thus saving you a lot of time as you don’t a have to go back to Premiere Pro just to perform this action. To make it easier to identify whether the grading controls are active or not, the main grading interface will clearly indicate the current status and display a warning message if the effect is turned off.

Mercury Playback Engine in Direct Link
SpeedGrade enables the Mercury Playback Engine (GPU acceleration) by default. With the new version you can manually switch to CPU processing if required.

The option is found in the SpeedGrade settings under “Playback” and will come in handy when working with laptops with integrated GPUs or unsupported GPU configurations.


Master Clip Effect
The new Premiere Pro Master Clip Effect is also available in SpeedGrade. When you apply adjustments to a master clip in SpeedGrade, the changes will affect every part of that master clip, regardless of where it appears in the sequence. This is helpful for color transformations, technical corrections, and for grading dialogue scenes where you cut back and forth between clips from two longer shots.

The Master Clip Effect is located in the tab to the left of the Lumetri FX clip tab. Both tabs are immediately above the grading layer stack. You can apply any number of primaries, secondaries and LUTs to the Master Clip Effect. All processing is done in 32-bit floating point, therefore you can make any number of adjustments on the clip tab without compromising image quality

Enhanced Broadcast Standard Scopes

YUV Scope with Graticules
You can now choose between the original RAW style HLS Vectorscope and a traditional YUV Vectorscope. The Graticule shows an outline for the 75% target area, and full targets for both 75% and 100% for all six main vectors (R, Mg, B, Cy, G, Yl).

IRE scale for Luma Waveform
In order to match the output of Luma Waveform hardware, the scale for the SpeedGrade Luma Waveform has been changed to reflect standard IRE values. Values now range from -20 to 120.

The new YUV Vectorscope and

The YUV Vectorscope and enhanced Luma Waveform will be part of the next SpeedGrade update.

Clamp Signal
This new option in the analysis tools will allow you to clamp the signal going into the scopes.  With clamp signal turned on, all scopes behave like traditional hardware scopes.

Improved Look Manager, Easy Primaries and new SpeedLooks

Improved Look Manager
The .look presets have been reorganized into four categories. The new preset categories are fixed and take up less space on screen, leaving more room for your own .look collection. You can no longer accidentally delete the presets that ship with SpeedGrade, so you’ll always have access to your favorite film stock and SpeedLooks libraries.

Your own .looks will now be saved to your custom .look folder automatically.

Easy Primaries
A new vertical slider for changing luminosity has been added to every color grading wheel in the SpeedGrade interface. This new slider is much easier to operate with tablet and mouse.

Easy Primaries - new sliders beside each color wheel make it easier to make luma adjustments.

Easy Primaries – new sliders beside each color wheel make it easier to make luma adjustments.

New SpeedLooks
Most of the camera patches have been updated to give even better results when matching multiple cameras in one sequence. Additionally, there’s a new creative .look called “Gold Sport,” a fantastic addition to the popular series of Gold SpeedLooks which is perfect for giving a warm and filmic look to sports footage.

The next major SpeedGrade CC update offers new SpeedLook, a simplified Look Manager, along with the popular Snapshot browser feature introduced at NAB in 2013.

The next major SpeedGrade CC update offers new SpeedLooks, a simplified Look Manager, along with the popular features like the Snapshot browser  (and Shot Matcher)  introduced at NAB in 2013.

For a sneak peek of all the new Adobe magic coming to the pro video and audio apps, go here.

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