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August 22, 2012 /Mobile /

What’s New in Proto V1.5

I’m excited to show you new features and enhanced features in version 1.5 of Adobe Proto. V1.0 was just porting Android version to iOS native version and this time we could implement new feature sets based on user’s feedback.

Mainly, we focused on easy to share files, copy & paste workflow. Here is the new feature sets.

 Sharing zipped file easily

“Email” interactive wireframe ( as attachment

You can now email your interactive wireframe directly from Proto. Just attach file onto email and send it to your co-worker or client. The attachment is a zipped file and easily uncompressed and ready to use in Dreamweaver or any other HTML/CSS editor.

Share interactive wireframe via Dropbox and other Apps

If you have Dropbox application installed on your iPad, you can share your interactive wireframe zipped file right away.


Copy & Paste improvements

Copy & Paste objects to different pages

We added a clipboard icon in editor. Now you can copy & paste your object form one page to another from the clipboard menu, top navigation or context menu.


Paste and Pin objects across selected pages (i.e. share objects across pages)

Not only can you paste objects to a different page, we added a new function “Paste and Pin.”


Pin across pages

Select object and from context menu, you can set to paste the current object across all the pages.  Once you did this, the object will show up to all the pages and whatever you modify this object will reflect change across all pages.

across-pagesGlobal Menu (By default, Menu bar objects are pinned across all pages)

When you create menu and create multiple pages, the menu will automatically carry over all the pages.  When you edit text inside menu, edit links to pages, the change will reflect across all the pages. There is another improvement for code generation for the global menu. Proto generate common.css that is used for all the pages.

“Bring Forward” “Move Backward” Z-order change via Context Menu

You can manage z-index order for overlapped objects from context menu.


Lock and Unlock object for editing

You can lock & unlock object. This helps you to avoid mistakenly moving object while editing another object closed by.


Show current page name while previewing a project in the App

At preview mode, you can see current page name in title bar right next to project name.

Rename project name in the action bar (title) of the editor

You can rename project name in organizer mode. You can now edit project name while in editor mode. Simply tap project name on top left corner to edit current working project.

Show undo/redo count

As same as Adobe Ideas, you can see the number of undo/redo count when you perform undo/redo

Other Enhancements

Objects should snap to both CSS Column and Design Grid

Now, it’s much easily and precisely snap object onto grid.

Better Code Generation

Code generated is now ordered according to the appearance in the page and so is now more structured hierarchically V1.0 generated divs based on the order of the object modification. V1.5 generates divs based on top to bottom order in the screen.

All pinned objects generate a separate common CSS file (common.css)

Since pinned objects are used in multiple pages, having separate common CSS make you easy to manage code.


We hope those new feature sets and enhancement feature sets will help you boost up your creative workflow.