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what’s new in mocha AE included with After Effects CC (12)

In our list of what’s new and changed in After Effects CC (12.0), we mentioned that there are several significant improvements to mocha AE, the version of the mocha planar tracker that is included with After Effects.

Here’s what’s new in mocha AE:

  • ability to import and track RED Digital Cinema (.r3d) footage
  • new layer tree system and layer groups for handling large groups of layers
  • dope sheet for moving, copying, and pasting keyframes
  • bounding boxes for splines
  • multi-spline selection and modification
  • enhanced link tool to join points of separate layers
  • ability to customize color for mattes and splines
  • ability to see individual pixels when zooming
  • export of colored shapes based on layer color (mocha Shape effect)
  • many bug fixes

Of course, you can get far more detail by reading the documentation accessible from the mocha AE application. Just choose Help > Online/Offline Help in the mocha AE application.

You can also learn much more about mocha with the videos on the Imagineer Systems website.

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