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April 4, 2013 /Product Focus /

What’s new in Adobe Prelude CC (2.0)

Jump-start your production with Adobe Prelude, a unified interface for easy ingest, logging and transcoding that allow you to work faster, stay organized, and prepare your digital footage for a streamlined post-production process.

Today we are revealing Adobe Prelude CC (2.0), as well as our other professional video and audio applications – Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Adobe Media Encoder and Audition.  To see all the top new features in the future versions of these apps, click here.

The next version of Prelude is full of new features to empower and improve your postproduction workflows.  You’ll save time with an intuitive, keyboard-driven workflow, entering temporal markers and other searchable metadata while keeping your eyes on what matters most: your footage. With expanded file support for ingest and transcoding, Adobe Prelude accelerates shot-logging with new features like hover scrubbing thumbnails in the Project panel, file renaming during ingest, and metadata templates which ensure that key information is always added. Export rough cuts directly through Adobe Media Encoder to share your vision on virtually any device. And you can collaborate in new ways with your team with new Prelude integration for Adobe Anywhere for video and Adobe Story.

Although the next version of Prelude and the other professional video and audio apps aren’t available now, we’re offering a NAB Show special to get 40% off your first year of Adobe Creative Cloud membership (only $29.99/month), and you’ll automatically get these new features as soon as they are available.

Here’s a little more detail on the top features coming to the next version of Prelude:

  • Hover scrub thumbnails – Quickly review clips in the Project panel by hover-scrubbing thumbnails—no need to open the clip to see what is there. Click the clip, make it active and play it (including audio) using standard keyboard controls.
  • Rename files on ingest -Apply descriptive names to your files as you ingest so that you can more easily search for and find what you need later.
  • Define what information you need on ingested clips – Make sure media is tagged with the appropriate level of detail by creating customize templates that let you mandate what information is collected and applied to clips upon ingest.
  • Turn scripts into metadata with Adobe Story – Import a file from Story into Prelude, and turn your script into meaningful, searchable metadata that flows into Adobe Premiere Pro, speeding the editing of projects that rely on finding just the right word.  For more on this check out Wes Plate’s video located on the NAB Reveal page.
  • Support for growing files – The next version of Prelude helps you ingest and log growing files. This means post-production and editing work can begin even as production continues. This is great for projects requiring a fast turnaround, such as live-to-broadcast shows. As footage is being recorded by a system such as Omneon Media grid or Sienna PictureReady, Prelude continues to check in to see which files have grown. Prelude then refreshes that material so you can continue to work on your footage.  Additional hardware is required based on volume of growing footage.
  • Enable team collaboration with Adobe Anywhere – Prelude will have first class integration with Adobe Anywhere for video enabling for ingest and logging of files to remote servers.  Adobe Anywhere for video is available as a separate purchase and implementation.  Visit the Adobe Anywhere page to learn more.
  • Ingest files directly into selected bins – This new feature saves time in organizing footage because the user can direct where the ingested material will appear.  You can now ingest into a project specific bin instead of just the root bin.
  • Sony XMPilot Metadata support – you will be able to import the metadata found on a Sony XDCAM HD camera with XMPilot option into Prelude.  Prelude takes the static metadata found with the footage and adds it to the metadata panel.  Essence markers, markers that mark footage with interesting moments, show up as a comment marker in Prelude.  This adds value to your media and allows for easy search ability.
  • 64-bit on Windows and Mac – the next version of Prelude will be now natively, 64-bit on both Windows and Mac giving rock solid performance and stability.  Please note Prelude will only be available as 64-bit in future versions.
  • Create and Export Rough Cuts – the next version of Prelude offers you the option to export Rough Cuts directly through Adobe Media Encoder to share with others for review or for uploading to video sharing websites.

You can check out upcoming top features coming to all the next versions of Adobe professional video and audio apps here. , and read a preview of Prelude here.  If you are in Las Vegas at NAB, come on over to the Adobe booth to see some demos too!   Please continue to follow the Premiere Pro blog, Prelude website and user forums for updates on Prelude in the coming weeks. To learn more and discuss these new changes and features, please visit the Prelude user-to-user forum.

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