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After Effects CC 2015.1 (13.6.1)

The After Effects CC 2015.1 (13.6.1) update provides several new features and bug fixes. See this page for details:

Photoshop CC 2015.1.1

The Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.1 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CC (2015.1.0) software was released

Photoshop 2015.1

Major update includes enhancements to Creative Cloud Libraries, Artboards and Design Space (Preview); customizable toolbar/workspaces; Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) integration; touch capabilities; SVG import and much more.

Illustrator CC 2015.2

This update adds new features including the Shaper tool for creating, combining, and editing shapes to create designs that remain editable; additional Live Shapes for interactive ellipses, polygons and lines; Dynamic Symbols that share a master shape but allow instances to have different appearances and transformations; and SVG export to output modern SVG code that is lightweight and optimized for web and screen design, with improved visual fidelity and performance. Additional updates include improvements to the Touch Workspace, new capabilities in Smart Guides, and bug fixes.

These bugs were fixed in this release:



[Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan]: Right-Click doesn’t work in a dual monitor scenario.


[Mac OS X 10.10.3]: File preview in open dialog is cut in half when in column view.


[Mac]: AI crashes on moving any object or drag-drop between panels when the Chrome browser extension “Pushbullet” is installed on the machine.

GPU Preview


GPU Driver Update Warning now contains a link to a Knowledge Base article with details on how to update the user’s GPU driver.


Illustrator crashes when saving any file as EPS after GPU Fallback.


Placed artwork is not rendering correctly in GPU Preview.


GPU Fallback triggers on placing, copy/paste attached non-native arts.


Anti-Aliasing Issue 3: Anti-aliasing issues on thin stroke and filled paths


Anti-Aliasing Issue 2: Anti-aliasing not happening correctly for some parts of paths.


Anti-Aliasing Issue 1: Anti-aliasing produces unwanted lines and dot at the edges for multiple overlapping objects with blending modes.


With multiple GPUs detected (one supported other one not supported), GPU Preview gets disabled because Illustrator incorrectly picks the unsupported GPU.


Win 32 Only: GPU Fallback is not working and Illustrator crashes on opening.


Driver details when multiple graphics cards are detected should provide more details.


Guides appear as solid lines below 200% zoom even when they are set to dots in preferences panel.


[WIN 10, AMD Catalyst Beta Graphic Driver 15.4]: The OS stops responding when creating some artwork when working in GPU Preview mode in Illustrator.


Incorrect rendering of blend objects or objects with Knockout group in GPU preview.


Pencil Tool feedback stops working when drawing while in GPU Preview mode.


Place link/embed EPS with Type42 font (TrueType font – language level 3) is not rendered.


Illustrator goes into outline mode in CPU Preview for files having gradient mesh at 6400% zoom level or more


Linked EPS & PDF files are not rendering correctly in GPU Preview.


A double edge appears while using the on-object widget to resize the radius of the rounded corners.


Path artifacts on multiple overlapping paths.

CC Libraries


Illustrator CC 2015 Libraries freezes when adding assets.


Thumbnail of asset in the CC Libraries panel is not updated after editing the original art if the graphic name has Japanese characters

Windows 10


[Windows 10 Japanese]: Some Korean characters display Tofu boxes on Library menu/Color Theme Panel/Behance dialog in Japanese version of Illustrator.


Win10: Two character options display junk characters dropdown Character Panel list at control panel.


[Windows 10 Only]: Rendering issues are observed on applying blending mode to an object.



Selecting, renaming, or deleting layers after switching between documents can cause Illustrator to crash.


The numeric values in the numeric edit field starts increasing when changing the focus after printing the Illustrator file as PostScript when the OS system locale is different from the English locale.


AI displays a corrupt preferences error after printing the AI file as PostScript when the OS system locale is different from the English Locale.

InDesign CC 2015.2

This update makes it easier to find alternates in OpenType fonts and search glyphs, re-publish and embed Publish Online documents, and create layouts on the go using the new Touch workspace optimized for any Windows Touch device.

These bugs were fixed in this release:



[Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan]: InDesign crashes on launch when “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” option is enabled.


[Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan]: Navigation window’s Title Bar is missing in Open/Place dialogs.


[Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan]: Relink functionality doesn’t work properly on El Capitan.


[Mac only]: Unable to use Character Styles inside Cross-Reference formats.


[Mac only]: Data Merge with multiple records ignores changes in page dimensions when applied merge on master page.


[Mac only]: InDesign is listed in the Graphics card dependencies and hence reduces the battery life for Mac laptops.



InDesign CC crashes when deleting XML elements that contain missing tables.


XML import does not work when pointing to transformation file in CC versions.



Users unable to use Verdana OTF font from Document Fonts folder


Exporting to EPUB 3 Fixed Layout does not embed / display the fonts in the EPUB although they are present in the package


EPUB 3 Fixed Layout: Font Embedding broken when World-Ready composer is selected.


EPUB: Cover has HTML5 doctype in ePub 2 (when exporting to ePub 2.0.1, the cover has the HTML “<!DOCTYPE html>” header instead of the <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN” “”>).

Fonts & Text


Previewing a font in dialog box adds font to Recent Font list.


Fit Frame to Content not working when the last character of the line is hyphen.


Shrink text frame to fit doesn’t work with one line of text that ends with an em-dash, en-dash, or hyphen.


In a text frame, the button Fit Content to frame capability (button, menu, or shortcuts, or double-clic behaviour) does not works if the last characters of the text is in the range of Unicode value 2010 to 2015.


Unexpected character replacements resulting in incorrect text from display through output to print production.


Paragraph shading appearance doesn’t always update when removing forced line breaks from paragraph.


Deleting text using the context ‘Delete’ menu-item as well as backspace keyboard key does not trigger a call in custom IScrapSuite::Clear.

Publish Online


Multiplying transparency effect on JPG graphics not removing the white bounding box on the online version.


Ease In/Ease Out animation setting is behaving incorrectly. The acceleration and deceleration of the animation speed setting Ease In/Ease Out is backward. It starts fast, slows down, and speeds up. It should be starts slow, speeds up, and slows down.


State actions are lost in FXL EPUB and Publish Online export when buttons are anchored in a multi-state object (MSO).



Reset Workspace ignores several panels.


[German version] Shortcuts hints in the InDesign menus are wrong on German Windows systems.


Hyperlink to email is not working when “Shared Hyperlink Destination” is checked.


Javascript error is encountered on entering embedded Google Map code in HTML object.


Find/Replace Dialog Box resizes unexpectedly.

Dreamweaver CC 2015.1

The November 2015 update of Dreamweaver CC puts all your favorite creative assets at your fingertips, through Creative Cloud Libraries.

Character Animator – Preview 3

The Character Animator Preview 3 update provides several new features and bug fixes. See this page for details:

After Effects CC 2015.1

The After Effects CC 2015.1 (13.6) update provides several new features and bug fixes. See this page for details:

Audition CC 2015.1

Automatically edit music to new durations with Remix; Create scratch voice overs or sound design using Generate Speech; Support for third party integrated panels; Updated Loudness formats and True Peak Limiting; Workspace bar; Performance improvements. This release removes Upload to Soundcloud functionality.

Prelude CC 2015.1

This release contains minor bug fixes.