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Adobe SpeedGrade CC 7.2

This update provides a number of critical fixes and product enhancements.

Adobe Prelude CC 2.2

Provides bug fixes and additional support for Adobe Anywhere.

Adobe Extension Manager 6.0.8

This update fixes an issue that can occur when installing from the Adobe Exchange panel.

Adobe Flash Professional CC 13.1

The latest Flash Professional release is an update that enables you to natively create and publish HTML5 Canvas content using CreateJS. The update also contains fixes to some critical bugs. Details can be found here.

Adobe Illustrator CC 17.0.1

The Adobe Illustrator CC 17.0.1 update is Windows-only and provides several stability fixes. Details can be found here.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

The Adobe Photoshop CS6 update addresses a number of issues discovered after Adobe Photoshop CS6 (13.0) software was released. For details, please see:

Adobe Media Encoder CC 7.1

This update includes product enhancements and bug fixes.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.1

Adobe Premiere Pro CC October 2013, version 7.1, provides a large number of new features and important fixes. New features include DirectLink between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade, enhanced editing and multi-camera workflows, Closed Captioning support for CEA-708 and MXF, monitor overlays, and improved support for third party transitions and effects. Details can be found here.

Adobe After Effects CC 12.1

The After Effects CC (12.1) update provides many bug fixes and new features. Details can be found here.

Adobe Prelude CC 2.1

This update provides feature enhancements including still image support, export marker lists as HTML and CSV, MD5 checksum verification on ingest, auto-save markers and sub-clips, and an improved unassociated metadata dialog. This update also includes minor bug fixes.