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Creative Cloud Packager 1.3

Creative Cloud Packager 1.3 is now available for IT admins responsible for centralized deployment of CCE and CCT. A lot of work has gone into this release and many new features have been added that provide significant value to IT admins:
  • Support for archived versions of Products
  • Support for Native application Installers (Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Scout, Gaming SDK)
  • Support for Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) files
  • RUM support for Feature Bearing updates
  • New Shortcut locations
  • New IT Tools Un-installer
  • Build information in Product UI
When customers launch CCP they will automatically be prompted to install the new version. Customers who do not already have CCP installed can download the software from LWS for CCE customers or the Creative Cloud Team admin portal for CCT customers. Complete details at