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Photoshop CC 14.2

This update to Photoshop CC includes several new features including: Perspective Warp for adjusting the perspective of part of an image while keeping the rest intact; Linked Smart Objects for improving team collaboration and repurposing assets; and 3D printing support for creating beautiful 3D designs, getting accurate print previews, and reliably printing them with automatic mesh repair and generation of support structures. Other enhancements include a Mercury Graphics Engine performance boost, support for a broader range of Windows stylus devices, JDI workflow timesavers, and over 250 bug fixes. For a complete list of features, bug fixes, and known issues, please seeĀ

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, version 7.2.1, provides a number of critical fixes.

Flash Professional CC 13.1.1

The latest Flash Professional release is an update that enables you to natively create and publish HTML5 Canvas content using CreateJS. The update also contains fixes to some critical bugs.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13.2

The latest Dreamweaver release addresses issues related to Code View performance and Stability. In addition, we have reinstated Print Code functionality and colored icons in the Files panel.

Adobe After Effects CC 12.2

The After Effects CC (12.2) update provides many bug fixes and some new features. See this page for details:

Adobe After Effects CS6 11.0.4

The After Effects CS6 (11.0.4) update fixes a problem on Windows 8.1 for the Spanish version, as well as addressing a cause of a warning message about GPU features. See this page for details:

Adobe Media Encoder CC 7.2

This update provides a number of critical fixes and product enhancements.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 7.2

Adobe Premiere Pro CC December 2013, version 7.2, provides important fixes and enhancements to the editing experience.

Adobe SpeedGrade CC 7.2

This update provides a number of critical fixes and product enhancements.

Adobe Prelude CC 2.2

Provides bug fixes and additional support for Adobe Anywhere.