Audition CC 2014.1

Adobe Audition CC 2014.1 implements support for HiDPI displays, an updated user interface design, improved video playback performance and expanded video format support, and improvements to the Speech Volume Leveler effect.

After Effects CC 2014.1

Updates include HiDPI monitor support, Cineware 2.0, and improved Anywhere collaboration.

Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 is a major upgrade, including custom search bins that make managing media easier, the ability to consolidate and transcode projects, and a refreshed user experience with expanded support for HiDPI displays.

After Effects CC 2014.0.2

The After Effects CC 2014.0.2 update fixes a bug with trial usage.

Photoshop CC 2014.1

The Adobe Photoshop CC (2014.1) update includes the following new additions to the 3D workflow: New Makerbot 5 profile, Pack Objects on Ground Plane for easier printing of multiple objects, Fused Deposition Modeling simulation in Print Preview, Filter to Generate Normal Maps and Filter to Generate Bump Maps from any file, Line/point ray tracing for more realistic renderings of points and lines, a new shelling algorithm, additional painting navigation icons and new support for VRML, IGES, U3D and PLY file formats. For more information about this update, including a list of fixes and known issues, please visit

CameraRaw 8.6

Update to the Camera Raw plug-in that ships with Photoshop CS6. Adds raw support for new camera models.

After Effects CC 2014.0.1

The After Effects CC 2014.0.1 update fixes a bug with trial usage.

SpeedGrade CC 2014.0.1

The SpeedGrade CC 2014.0.1 update fixes a bug with trial usage.

Prelude CC 2014.0.1

The Prelude CC 2014.0.1 update fixes a bug with trial usage.

Media Encoder CC 2014.0.1

This update provides a number of improvements and fixes. These include: added support for H.264 level 5.2 (which allows 4K outputs at up to 60 frames per second), updated YouTube presets, improved DCP color calibration, a fix for blurriness issues in complex H264 encodes, and a fix for XAVC encoding failures for assets with no audio.