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“Photography is not a destination; it’s a journey.” That’s what Chanipol Kusolcharttum, also known as @rockkhound, believes about his craft and taking the perfect shot – a  beautiful process that anyone can learn!

Adobe Lightroom CC is the powerful photo editor for people who love photography. We’re excited to partner with this Thailand-based photographer – who took Instagram by storm with his enigmatic travel and street snaps – and share his top tips for starting your own photography journey.

Meet Chanipol

Keep scrolling to read Chanipol’s top three photography tips for capturing photos that you’d be proud of.

Tip 1: Find A Foreground.

Where there’s a beautiful landscape, it’s often near impossible to take a bad photo. However, what could set your photo apart from the others is an interesting foreground that leads to your subject. In the photo below, the leaf, which catches the sunlight in just the right places, captivates the eye first. Because its tip points towards the background, it then leads the eye to the pagodas, adding another dimension to the image.

Pro Tip: Your foreground may not always be obvious. Go low to discover new perspectives!

Tip 2: Capture Motion.

Add life to the scene with movement. Capturing motion can also communicate mood or eliminate elements that could otherwise be distracting. To achieve motion blur on a moving subject, adjust your settings to a slow shutter speed. Ensure your camera is on a tripod so your camera remains steady and that the non-moving elements stay in focus.

Pro Tip: When trying to capture motion in broad daylight where there’s too much light, manually decrease your aperture and ISO or switch to ‘shutter priority’ mode to do this automatically.

Tip 3: Timing Is Everything.

Sometimes, hitting the shutter at just the right moment is what it takes to produce a magical snapshot. The photo below was achieved with all the important details in place after 12 hours of waiting; the camera was set at the lowest aperture for a shallow depth of field, and framed in advance at the golden hour, just as the sun was low enough to cast soft rays over the train platform. As soon as the monk walked into frame, all that was left to do was a click of the shutter. In photography, patience is definitely a virtue.

Photo editing tips - Timing Is Everything

Pro Tip: Research and planning can help you be at the right place at the right time. Study the location, the light, and even the behaviour of the people there to prepare you for your next shoot.

Tip 4: Create Cinematic Imagery.

Creating images that look like stills out of movie scenes could help dramatise or enhance the mood of your shots.

Split toning – the process of adding different colours to the shadows and highlights of the image – helps you achieve this cinematic effect. You can do this on the ‘Split Toning’ panel on Adobe Lightroom CC and create your own colour styles. Just make sure your photos are shot in RAW to get the most out of your edits!

Create Cinematic Imagery beforeCreate Cinematic Imagery after

Pro Tip: Shoot in RAW and edit straight from a single app; Lightroom CC mobile allows you to do both seamlessly.

Ready To Shoot?

Gear up with your camera, download Adobe Lightroom CC on your phone, and start snapping!

If you love these tips, look out for Chanipol’s step-by-step editing process to take your photos to the next level.

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Posted on 04-09-2018

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