Supervixen: Creating unmistakable work in a highly collaborative environment

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Producing high-quality work at speed is a common challenge for creative agencies, but one Sydney-based team has found a way to spin both into diverse projects.

“I shoot my best ideas with a spray gun approach. If I’m stuck on something for half an hour, I’ve lost it.”

This is the self-described creative process of Daniel Bavell, one half of design-focused boutique studio Supervixen. They’re best known for their film sequence and VFX work, and for being breathtakingly fast. Using Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams, it’s the speed at which they bring ideas to life that contributes to Supervixen’s competitive advantage.

Under the racy name, Daniel and co-founder Morten Rowley have built a full-service house that boasts a wide variety of expertise. They tend to lend creative direction from the very beginning of their projects, something the founders believe gives them a strong edge.

“Design always seems to get bundled into the VFX production,” says Morten. “Design should work both ways, into the storyline and the other way into the VFX.”

Big ideas for big brands

Never shying away from a new challenge, Daniel and Morten hit the Adobe MAKE IT stage in Sydney earlier this year to showcase their work approach.

Hollywood blockbuster I, Frankenstein needs a new storyline-themed logo? No problem. The Underworld film franchise wants to revamp a plot-point critical sequence? Sorted.

Supervixen have produced successful international campaigns for brands including, Nike, IBM and McDonalds.

Daniel and Morten believe in the power of a nimble team, purposely keeping their numbers small to encourage a collaborative environment. Sharing ideas is a key factor behind the energy of Supervixen’s work.

“We’re not precious with sharing an idea or the credit. We’ve written commercials for campaigns in 15 minutes from just spit-balling with each other,” says Daniel.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams plays a big role in Supervixen’s collaborative culture and helped when working on the “genetic memories” sequence in Underworld. Using Adobe Premier Pro CC to edit video and Adobe After Effects CC to develop an original style, the whole team could develop the sequence on the fly.

“The cloud is a great way for all our machines to work together. We usually collaborate on a project together, and this allowed us to share projects pretty seamlessly.“

Find out more in the video below.

Be bold and brave

Supervixen is unwilling to take the easy route, instead looking to experiment with new mediums and ideas. Asked to incorporate a virtual reality (VR) element into a financial client’s campaign – without any prior experience – they dived right in. They steer clients away from current references in order to be surprising and original.

Statistics continue to play a prevalent role in a client’s gauge of campaign success, but Daniel and Morten want people to realise that quality work takes time and investment.

“With so many stats so instantly, if you put an ad out there and it doesn’t have glowing ratings they pull the plug the next day. People aren’t sticking with a campaign long enough to see a return on it,” says Morten.

“You’re canning the rocket before it’s taken off,” says Daniel. “People need to be braver and more confident in their decisions.”

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Posted on 11-01-2017

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