Compassion heads to the cloud


Compassion, a Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world is using Adobe Creative Cloud to develop marketing and communications collateral that help drive child sponsorship donations.

Established in 1952, Compassion consists of more than 150 committed team members and many more volunteers who offer their time, energy, and skills to help fulfil the organization’s mission. As part of its daily operations, Compassion uses Adobe creative tools to develop compassion_logomarketing and communications collateral including newsletters, magazines, website content, and videos to share its success stories and help drive donations.

“We’ve used Adobe products for years and they continue to be a core part of what our design studio uses for the work they create,” says Michael Macarthur, IT Operations Manager, Compassion. “A key reason we upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud was to maintain standards with external partners.”

Consistent and reliable team work

With national headquarters in Newcastle, New South Wales, Compassion regularly hires contractors to supplement the work of its full-time design
team. While the majority of Compassion staff work from the Newcastle office, there are many instances in which full-time and contract staff choose to work remotely. Compassion found that Adobe Creative Cloud was the ideal solution for collaborative team work. The solution also caters to the myriad of scenarios a modern business faces with last-minute staff changes.

When it comes to collaboration, Compassion primarily uses Adobe Acrobat DC for sharing project work between teams. With Adobe Acrobat DC, busy Compassion employees and contractors can efficiently share design drafts in PDF, providing clear input on designs during every step of the process.

Delivering peace of mind

Adobe empowers users and IT staff with full control and as a result, greatly enhances workflows. “With Adobe Creative Cloud we no longer have to track multiple licenses for multiple products and employees,” says Macarthur. “As a result, security is better ensured and users and IT staff have greater clarity.” Another important benefit of using Adobe Creative Cloud is that the IT team can now more easily and efficiently manage software licenses for each staff member, saving time and money.

Recently, Compassion undertook a project in the hills of Thailand to bring stories to life from remote areas of the world. Using a small quadcopter with a stabilized GoPro gimbal, the story was filmed on both GoPro and Canon C300. Adobe Premiere CC enabled Compassion to mix these two formats easily during the editing process. Adobe After Effects CC also allowed motion tracking for text placement which showcased the aerial footage nicely.

“Our design team enjoys the integration between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. Returning from a two-week trip with more than 2TB of footage, Adobe Premiere Pro CC enabled staff to edit various stories in mixed formats,” says Macarthur. “It’s during projects such as these that the integration between Adobe products makes all the difference with respect to time and the editing experience as a whole.”

A long-term relationship

Compassion’s communication and design teams rely heavily on Adobe creative products to complete their day-to-day tasks. Dependent on a variety of Creative Cloud apps, Macarthur notes that without Adobe solutions, Compassion staff wouldn’t be able to work as efficiently and would no longer have the solid platforms or integration between applications.

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Posted on 03-07-2016

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