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Weeks of intense brainstorming, collaboration and planning came to a climax on April 5 as the team from For the People, led by Creative Director Jason Little, opened the doors for their pop-up up brand experience “Start Me Up’ in Sydney.

Setting themselves the goal to create a brand identity for startups in less than 30 minutes using Adobe products and counsel from the For the People team, a series of stations were setup at The Hub, a popular co-working space, to develop the brand’s overall look and feel, including shape, emoji, name, font, colour and stock photography.

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As the morning queue formed and excitement built, the virtual doors opened and the For the People team immediately walked the eager startups through the ‘no-brand’ experience, placing each of their station selections into their shopping baskets. As the teams reached the check out, each of the items were scanned using the Adobe Capture CC app and the team then started work in Illustrator CC, pulling in the colour pallets and shapes chosen to create a brand.

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“We came up with the idea of a brand generator for the MAKE IT experience. Having worked in brand development for more years than I care to admit, we thought it would be fun to commoditise the brand process so that customers coming into the pop-up shop could choose a name, shape, colour and font so the team could create a brand for these Sydney start-ups,” said Jason Little.

Mikey Leung, Co-Founder/Director, Digital Storytellers and one of the startup participants added, “When you’re trying to make a brand, you have to make a million decisions. When we did our first brand, it took over a year, and we went through 3-4 designers. The constraint of having 20 minutes and then handing it to somebody…it’s like having a bit of an assembly line but also like a bit of magic is going on back there.”

In a little more than three hours the team created 20 brands. Whether or not that’s a world record, these startups walked away delighted – brands in hand!

About the author:

Clare Cahill

Clare Cahill is Creative Cloud Senior Marketing Manager at Adobe. Originally from Northern Ireland, Cahill has studied and worked in the graphic and technology industry for more than 25 years. Having worked with Adobe for 10 years, Clare has had the opportunity to work with some of best and brightest creatives in the industry.

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Posted on 04-12-2016

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