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As we gear up for MAKE IT, one of the biggest creativity events in Asia Pacific, scheduled for 5 May in Sydney we caught up with Shaivalini Kumar, the artist behind the MAKE IT logo.

Shaivalini Kumar is a Visual Communication Designer who works primarily with illustration and typography. Stylistically, her art is vibrant, inviting and attempts to find the magic in ordinary things. Being a denizen of the digital realm she thrives on being able to connect and communicate with people from all over the world through her work. She has been selected as part of Photoshop’s 25 under 25 team and her work has also been recognized on various platforms such as Adobe Inspire Magazine, Pool magazine, Colorado Poster biennale and Pictoplasma Berlin and The New Yorker to name a few. Here’s what she had to share on the process behind creating the event logo.

What struck your mind when you were asked to create the logo for MAKE IT?

Custom illustrated type is something I really enjoy working with. I have been exploring isometric type for a while now and I was really excited to apply what I know to the conference’s branding! I think the best part of any commissioned project is that they approach the designer for his/her aesthetic and sensibilities and therefore it was a platform for me to use my style to it’s best and create something that would be receiving a lot of visibility. Creating brand imagery for a conference which brings together creative professionals from all over the world was not only challenging – but was also very exhilarating for me as an artist.

What was the process that you followed to bring it to life?

I started off by choosing a typeface was clean and could be used as my base. My aim was to construct on the surfaces of the typeface due to which I decided to go with a bold Sans-­‐serif, which I extruded in isometric perspective using Illustrator CC.

Make IT Base

The next step was to perfect the type in isometry to further construct on. The idea was decide which elements to choose and how to compose them within the layout of the type. Seeing each surface of the alphabet and constructing elements within it or using the surface as part of an element or object was my next step. Using isometric grids helps me construct my elements with precision. Initially I construct all my objects in different values of grey, post which I start the colour process.

Make IT 2

Make IT 3

Once the base structure was ready I experimented with a few colour palettes. The colours I chose were bold and in sync with what the type was aimed at representing. The message/word should also be visually striking the minute one looks at it. I wanted to add character to the imagery using contrasting colours.

Make IT 4

The last step was to render the artwork – I spent some time adding highlights and shadows and minimal detailing to enhance the overall look and feel.

Make IT 5

Check out Shailvalini’s portfolio on Behance  behance



Graphic Design

Posted on 05-02-2016

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