In conversation with Chris Panzetta, MD S1T2


Recently I had a chance to chat with Chris Panzetta, Managing Director of S1T2 about bringing stories to life in unique and engaging ways.

As the co-founder and Managing Director of S1T2, Chris Panzetta is one of the leading creatives in the digital industry, spearheading the push into new experiential applications and technologies. He leads a team of creative artists, developers and engineers to create new experiences you’ve never had before.

S1T2 are Stories 1st, Technology 2nd. They’re one of Australia’s leading creative technology agencies, existing to make creative more inventive through technical artistry and a cross disciplinary approach. They say doing what has never been done is habit as much as ambition. You can find out more about S1T2 on their website


Posted on 10-01-2015

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