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June 27, 2016 /Inspiration /

Mapúa Institute of Technology taps on Adobe Creative Cloud to empower students with creative skills

Over the years, the Mapúa Institute of Technology in the Philippines has been a leader in its field for its adoption of advanced technology. Besides technology, the institute has also been pushing for international accreditation while actively pioneering the adoption of outcome-based education.

Mapúa is committed to preparing its students to succeed in a global market where innovation is constant. Even as a traditional engineering institution, the institute invests significantly in its students’ creative and design skills, and takes pride in providing the best tools to simulate real-life working environments.

The decision to shift to Adobe Creative Cloud was based on a thorough assessment of the applications its students needed to be globally competitive in digital arts. Today, one of its schools, the School of Multimedia and Visual Arts, uses Adobe Creative Cloud in various digital arts, design and video production courses. The new enhancements in Adobe Creative Cloud enable students to explore infinite possibilities of creativity, especially in concept and design development.

The enhanced creativity is exemplified by the work of Mapúa student John Lawrence Canto, whose portfolio was featured in Adobe Education collateral in 2015. The Adobe marketing team came across Canto’s work in Behance and commissioned him, along with three other students worldwide, to create their interpretations of “education”.Students ArtworksMapúa’s competitive edge is regularly demonstrated in both local and international competitions. Another student, Michael Medina, was a Platinum award winner in the Power Mac Center’s Pixelworx “Dare to Defy” first multimedia awards competition.

The institute’s Digital Cinema students have continuously produced high-quality work and videos by using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Aleia Garcia’s film, Yanbu, was placed third in the Documentary category, while Hiyas Bagabaldo’s Ambahan 246 earned him an honorable mention in the Experimental film category at the 27th Gawad CCP Independent Film and Video Festival in August last year.

Mapúa’s rigorous academic training, coupled with the use of the best hardware and software tools including Adobe Creative Cloud, has given graduates rapid entry into a highly competitive workforce both locally and abroad. Mapúa is also intending to use Adobe Captivate as part of its Centre for Teaching and Learning to develop micro-lectures of courses and programs. They will be integrated into the learning management system, in addition to the use of Adobe Creative Cloud, to supplement ongoing teaching and learning.

Incorporating Adobe Creative Cloud into Mapúa’s curriculum has strengthened students’ skills and given them the confidence to represent the school in global competitions and beyond. We are extremely proud to be on the world map for design excellence and are grateful for the Adobe partnership, which has empowered our students with world-class tools to further nurture their creative and design skills,” says Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco, Chairman, Mapúa Institute of Technology.

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