Meet the Powerhouse Team Behind Sydney’s Insta-brand Pop-up shop


Recently in Sydney, co-founder and creative director, Jason Little, and his team at design agency For The People created a pop-up insta-brand shop, churning out brand identities for more than 20 lucky startups in less than 30 minute each.

With a disruptive culture that fuels creativity and innovation, what makes the team at For the People so unique, passionate and inspired? We get to know this powerhouse team, with a peek inside how they strike the right balance of strategy, design and tech.

The Designer: Jason Little

Jason founded For The People with the belief that creative businesses need to rethink how they operate and put people at the heart of who they are and what they do. Through a strong focus on game-changing work and developing a thriving culture, Jason firmly believes creating a business that benefits his team has much as his clients will produce the best work.
In this video, Jason outlines the process they undertook to create artwork for his clients, backed by the power of the Creative Cloud.

The Strategy Man: Damien Borchok

In 2014, Damien Borchok decided to take a leap of faith, resigning after seven years as CEO of Interbrand Australia to co-found For The People along with Jason Little and Andy Wright. As a team, their vision was to create an agency opposite of the traditional firms they had worked at previously.

Damien’s strategy focuses on putting equal emphasis on technology and creative. Taking a cue from Silicon Valley, the team at For the People is focused on understanding how people deal with technology and how to can enable organizations to be more successful in a fast changing digital world.
Here’s what Damien had to say when we caught up with him at the pop up brand shop

The Techie: Brady O’Halloran

One of For the People’s unique properties is balancing the creative with the technical expertise, and as an engineer, Brady O’Halloran supports the team with his valuable technical advice. He fondly recalls how he signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud as soon as it was launched in the market because it made life simpler.
Watch what he has to say here

Watch the full project here

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Posted on 06-14-2016

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