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Fear. That was the topic of conversation at MAKE IT, Adobe APAC’s landmark creativity festival held in Sydney on May 5.

Over 1000 creatives – from designers to marketers – descended on Carriageworks, Adobe.Make.ItAustralia’s largest multi-arts centre – and thousands more across APAC tuned into the live-stream – to hear from some of the world’s top creative thinkers about the relationship between fear and creativity.

It was brilliant. You can watch it all here. From the challenges faced as a colour blind Creative Director – as so humbly expressed by Kevin Dart – to advice about setting boundaries to force us to think outside the box, from digital artist, Erik Johansson, every speaker – artist or Adobe evangelist, challenged, educated and inspired everyone  to reconsider the way they see fear, and take it head on!

The full line up of incredibly inspiring speakers can be found here. Every second of the event was both an inspiration and a highlight, making it incredibly difficult to summarise in a blog post. It all started with some humble ‘dogs’ and giant jenga. Thank you, Woofys.

Make IT Woofy'sMake IT Jenga
But with free popcorn and priceless entertainment on offer, the crowd swiftly made their way into the theatre. Cheers, Cobs!Make IT Cobs
The conference was then kicked off, in no less than exceptional creativity and graceful style.Make IT Into Dance

Paul RobsonPost interpretive dance, APAC President, Paul Robson had a hard act to follow, but followed in true Adobe style, opening the festival by reminding the crowd why we were all there. On data and creativity: “Experiences have never been more important and the greatest ones start with amazing content.

And it’s data that enables us to get that to the right person on the right device at the right time. So we must engage with data in the way we create.” You can watch the keynote HERE

Thousands of engagements and millions of impressions later, no blog post (under 1 billion words) could accurately capture and express what went in and came out of #MakeItAPAC. So, for the purpose of keeping this short and sweet and leave you wanting more, we’ve shared a snippet of inspiration per speaker but strongly advise that you watch the event for yourself.

Sarah Gormley

Sarah Gormley
VP of Brand Marketing for Adobe, Sarah Gormley re-defined the role of community in branding and reminded us that creativity is more important than ever. Watch her talk HERE

Gemma O’Brien, Typographer and Illustrator

Gemma O Brien Make IT
The hugely talented Aussie typographer shared her journey to font discovery, calling on the community to “escape the trends and embrace the form and process.”  Her talk explored everything from the impact of digital on the resurgence of typography, to the phenomenon that is the #spewbagchallege. Watch Gemma’s talk HERE

Paul Burnett, Principal APAC Evangelist Creative Cloud, Adobe

Paul Burnett Make IT
Explored the future of design, exciting updates to Adobe XD app. Want to know more about the updates? Watch Paul Burnett On Demand for more on Adobe Animate CC and the future of all things design and web. Watch Paul’s talk

Jason Little, Creative Director, For the People

Jason Little Make IT“Don’t let your insecurity get in the way of your creative pursuits” and “Respect people and enjoy the journey. Soon, every obstacle is an opportunity.” Want more Jason Little magic? Watch HERE

Chantel Benson, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging, Adobe

Chantel Benson-Make ITFor an Adobe Fuse tutorial with a twist, Chantel created the finest Fuse version of Paul Burnett – ever! Watch it for yourself HERE

Vanessa Tamblyn, Head of Creative, Sydney Opera House

Vanessa Tamblyn, Sydney Opera HouseFrom creating her own job to leading 180 campaigns a year, Paul Burnett’s on stage interview with Vanessa Tamblyn, beyond entertaining, and aspirational! Worth the watch HERE

Karl Soule, Senior Technology Manager, Digital Video, Adobe

Karl Soule Make ITAs if the future of video isn’t exciting enough, we were lucky enough to have the video genius himself, Karl Soule telling us all about it. From Adobe Premiere features and updates to editing artwork and animation from Photoshop or illustrator, Karl shared that, “It’s about being creative where ever you happen to be and with what ever device you happen to have”. Watch his talk HERE

Kevin Dart, Creative Director, Chromosphere

Kevin Dart
A colourblind art director? Yes. Correct. And a brilliant one at that. Kevin reflected on all his favourite projects from Big Hero 6 to Inside Out and the Powerpuff girls and left us with this advice; “Everyone has a unique perspective to share. I encourage you to find yours and share it with the world”. A MUST WATCH

Julieanne Kost, Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, Adobe

Julieanne Kost
Julieanne Kost used lightroom to get the most out of her photos. Literally moving mountains… you had to be there. Or, you can watch it HERE

Erik Johansson, Digital Artist

Beyond sharing some tips and trick behind his creative GENIUS, Erik shared some personal tales of how his failures helped drive and stimulate his creativity. He learnt by trying and sometimes that meant failing. Words don’t do it justice, you have to see him on stage for full effect.
Erik Johansson

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Posted on 05-18-2016

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