Jeryl Tan aka @smilewithjeryl’s Essential Tips for #Instaworthy Snaps

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Being passionate about photography is a great place to start, but an eye for detail makes all the difference if you want truly amazing results.

Adobe Lightroom CC is the powerful photo editor for people who love photography. That’s why we’ve partnered up with self-taught photographer Jeryl Tan aka @smilewithjeryl, who has commanded the attention of his Instagram followers and commercial brands, for an exclusive peek into his secrets on how to nail those captivating, pro-level shots.

Meet Jeryl

Ready to take your snaps to the next level? Then read on for Jeryl’s best secrets on how you, too, can take amazing photos!

Tip 1:  Observe the rule of thirds.

A well composed photo has a clear focal point that immediately draws the eye to the subject.

Achieve this through the rule of thirds, by making sure important elements of your picture sit on the lines or intersections of the grid.

Simply turn on the Grid feature on your camera to guide you in framing your picture.

Allow breathing space between the subjects and landscapes, and exclude any details that might distract the eye, so the visual isn’t too “busy”.

Pro Tip: Keep the rule of thirds in mind even as you edit your photos. Cropping and reframing an image according to the rule could drastically improve your shot.

Tip 2: Establish the mood with Temperature & Tint sliders.

Colour grading communicates the mood and tone of your photograph. It guides the viewer on how to feel about a certain subject or scene.

Left: Before | Right: After

The easiest way to do this is by adjusting the overall colours with Temperature & Tint on your app (like Lightroom CC). By increasing the warmth and bumping up the pinks, a normal sunrise could turn into a spectacular one that ignites the sky.

Tip 3: Look for leading lines and patterns.

The human eye is naturally attracted to leading lines, symmetries, and patterns. So to start off, look out for building and facades with these elements.

Then, to capture an interesting shot that will command attention, look for leading lines that will draw a viewer’s attention to another point in the image, or even beyond the frame.Pro Tip: Leading lines, symmetry, and patterns don’t just apply to architecture. Look for them in landscapes and reflections too!

Inspired to create some outstanding photos yet?

Grab your camera, download Adobe Lightroom CC on your phone, and start snapping away!

Found these tips useful? Stay tuned for a close-up look at Jeryl’s work processes to achieve stunning images.

Photography, Tips & Tricks

Posted on 02-07-2018

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