Benjamin Lee aka @itchban’s Top Tips for Summer Photos

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This summer, get outside, get warm, get social and get adventurous – whatever you do, just get plenty of photos!

Adobe Lightroom CC is the powerful photo editor for people who love photography. That’s why these holidays, we’ve teamed up with travel and adventure photographer Benjamin Lee, aka @itchban, to bring you an exclusive look at his process, tips, and trade secrets so you can turn your shots of your summer into pro-level photos.

Meet Benjamin

Benjamin Lee is a self-taught photographer, and your personal photography guide for the holidays.

Ready to take your holiday photos from your feet to the next level? Here are Benjamin’s tips to fast-track you to photo genius!

Tip 1: Shoot when the light is right.

Shooting in the right light makes all the difference. Shoot around Golden Hour – approximately an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. The light at this time is usually nice and soft and produces a wide spectrum of beautiful colours.

Pro Tip: Arrive slightly before golden hour begins so you have time to spare to get familiar with the location and conditions.


Tip 2: Level your horizon lines

Summer holidays are a great time to take photos outdoors, whether it’s time spent outdoors at home, or off on a holiday adventure.

When shooting outdoors & landscapes, keep your horizon lines straight to give your photo a balanced look. When your horizons are tilted, even in the slightest amount, it is very noticeable and won’t feel right.

Pro Tip: Most cameras have a built-in digital level. Turn it on and use it as a guide to help keep your horizons straight before you take the photo.

If your horizon isn’t perfectly straight, don’t worry. In Lightroom CC you can use the auto straighten function!




Tip 3: Shoot in DNG (mobile) & RAW (DSLR)

Get the most out of your camera and smartphone by shooting in DNG and RAW.

Your photo sizes will be larger, but you’ll be capturing the full photo rather than a compressed JPEG. This means when you go in to edit with an app like Lightroom CC, you’ll have more details preserved in your photo and you can really get the most out of your edits.

DSLRs and higher end digital cameras have a setting in the control panel where you can choose to shoot in RAW.

To shoot DNG on your smartphone, you’ll need to use the Lightroom CC Mobile app. Open the app instead of your built-in camera, and hit the camera button on the bottom right of the screen to take photos in DNG.




RAW file (Left) vs JPEG file (Right)



Take out your camera, download Lightroom CC on your phone and start taking great photos.

Want to learn more? Click here to see Benjamin’s step-by-step process for turning snaps into professional looking photos.


Tips & Tricks

Posted on 12-20-2017

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