After Effects CC アップデート 12.2.1

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本日、After Effects CC のアップデートをリリースしました。昨年末の大きなアップデートに対し、今回は不具合修正がメイン〜しかしながら重要なバグが直ってますので、マストアップデートです。主なアップデート内容は、

  • Dragging a folder of source items into the Project panel did not import the source items. This is now fixed.
  • The output audio sample rate was reset to the lowest value (often 8kHz) in the Output Module Settings dialog box. This is now fixed.
  • QuickTime output files had extra frames at the end when exporting with audio to certain codecs, including ProRes. This is now fixed.
  • Purging of the disk cache using the commands in After Effects did not function on systems that use comma as decimal separator. This is now fixed.
  • After Effects crashed when attempting to read temporal XMP metadata from files created by Illustrator 17.1 (as well as files from other applications based on those Illustrator files). This is now fixed for After Effects CC (12.2.1), but the same badly formed files can cause problems in previous versions of After Effects; see this page for details of a workaround for previous versions of After Effects.
  • We also fixed several bugs related to output file name and location templates.

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